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    I have a tabbed userinterface implemented with RadTabStrip and RadTabView/RadTab. It contains multiple Tab pages.
    Problem is that when I fetch data into Tab1 and show it there, change to another Tab, called Tab2, which has an link activating previous Tab1 with keys to new data, the old data is shown in Tab1. I have tried to clear Tab1's Textfields from CodeBehind setting it's TextField variables to empty values (TextField1.Text = String.Empty;) and in Clientside using Javascript/DOM. But still old data is shown in Tab1 until new data is fetched from database and updated into Tab1.

    I activate Tab1 from Tab2 using Javascript code like below:

    function ActivateFirstTab()
    var tab = tabstrip.get_tabs().getTab(0);

    I call that Javascript from CodeBehind using RadScriptManager like below:
    scriptManager.Scripts.Add("return ActivateFirstTab();");

    So can anyone tell why old data is still shown in Tab1's textfields although I have set empty values into them before calling Javascript to activate and show Tab? Is it because of Ajax or is it impossible to change values of non activated tab?

    Like to resolve this because Customer is confused after selecting a another DataItem from Tab2 and when Tab1 is activated old data is shown there a while.

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