Child item opens over instead of displacing other items

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    Urgent problem.. about to go live!

    I have a master page with a panel bar as menu that has been working for some months.
    Today it has developed a strange problem on my development machine:
    When you click a top level item, the child items open in in a layer above the subsequent item,
     and only shows as text (no bar background image). It does not displace lower items downwards.

    It seems like ajax not quite working.

    I tried two things:

    1 ) I copied back a working version from my remote server
         It still doesn't work on the development machine, so it looks like the page itslef is OK.

    2 )  I created a Panel bar on a test page on my local machine - it works normally

    I am baffled, and don't know where to look. Can you suggest where to start looking?

    I am using the latest hotfix, downloaded last week

    Thanks for urgent response!

  2. Clive Hoggar
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    Nov 2008

    Posted 05 Nov 2009 Link to this post

    Problem solved - and here is the answer in case some other innocent victim of Visual Studio falls into this:

    On one of the pages that uses the master page with the panel bar, I have a bulleted list.
    The spacing was uneven so I adjusted the <li> boundary a little, and behind the scenes
    VS added a height element to the li element in the css file.

    Which then messed up the skin of the Panel Bar (made the spacing too small?).

    Anyway I removed offending height spec from the css and we are back in business. (Sigh)


    P.S  You did tell me not to have bulleted lists using <ul> and <li> as it conflicts with RadControls
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