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  1. Mansi
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    Posted 18 Nov 2009 Link to this post


    I need to draw a chart based on the data fetched from the database runtime.
    There are two files attached, "Data" is the result which dataset say "ds1" contains.
    And "Chart", what I am getting by binding the chart with "ds1".
    The issue is, it does not show the 'x-axis' values properly in chart, 'y-axis' are displayed correctly.

    Here is a code, which i am using to display the chart. There is one panel on the form, and i am adding radChart at runtime to it.

        RadChart RadChart1 = new RadChart(); 
                     RadChart1.AutoLayout = true
                     RadChart1.Skin = "Vista"
                     RadChart1.Width = Unit.Pixel(720); 
                     RadChart1.Height = Unit.Pixel(450); 
                     RadChart1.ChartTitle.TextBlock.Text = "Details of date '" + Convert.ToDateTime(ds1.Tables[0].Rows[0]["TestDate"]).ToShortDateString() + "'"
                    ChartSeries chartSeries = new ChartSeries(); 
                     chartSeries.Appearance.LabelAppearance.Visible = false
                     chartSeries.Name = "CPM"
                     chartSeries.Type = ChartSeriesType.Line; 
                     chartSeries.Appearance.LineSeriesAppearance.Color = System.Drawing.Color.BlueViolet;              
                     // visually enhance the data points 
                     chartSeries.Appearance.PointMark.Dimensions.Width = 5; 
                     chartSeries.Appearance.PointMark.Dimensions.Height = 5; 
                     chartSeries.Appearance.PointMark.FillStyle.MainColor = System.Drawing.Color.Black; 
                     chartSeries.Appearance.PointMark.Visible = true;            
                     chartSeries.DataYColumn = "CPM"
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.XAxis.Appearance.LabelAppearance.RotationAngle = 30; 
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.XAxis.Appearance.LabelAppearance.Position.AlignedPosition = Telerik.Charting.Styles.AlignedPositions.Right; 
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.XAxis.Appearance.TextAppearance.TextProperties.Color = Color.Black; 
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.XAxis.AxisLabel.Visible = true
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.XAxis.AutoScale =false
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.XAxis.AddRange(1, 7, 1); 
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.XAxis[0].TextBlock.Text = "39"
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.XAxis[1].TextBlock.Text = "40"
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.XAxis[2].TextBlock.Text = "41"
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.XAxis[3].TextBlock.Text = "42"
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.XAxis[4].TextBlock.Text = "43"
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.XAxis[5].TextBlock.Text = "44"
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.XAxis[6].TextBlock.Text = "45"
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.XAxis.AxisLabel.TextBlock.Text = "Length"
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.XAxis.AxisLabel.Visible = true
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.YAxis.Appearance.TextAppearance.TextProperties.Color = Color.Black;          
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.YAxis.AxisLabel.TextBlock.Text = "CPM";             
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.YAxis.AxisLabel.Visible = true
                     RadChart1.PlotArea.YAxis.AxisMode = ChartYAxisMode.Extended;             
                       RadChart1.DataSource = ds1; 
                       RadChart1.ItemDataBound += new EventHandler<ChartItemDataBoundEventArgs>(RadChart1_ItemDataBound); 
                        RadToolTipManager1.ToolTipZoneID = "RadChart1"

    And the Event to display the tooltip.

     protected void RadChart1_ItemDataBound(object sender, Telerik.Charting.ChartItemDataBoundEventArgs e) 
            e.SeriesItem.ActiveRegion.Tooltip += "Length:" + ((DataRowView)e.DataItem)["Length"].ToString() + " and CPM: " + e.SeriesItem.YValue + " for Club: " + ((DataRowView)e.DataItem)["Club"].ToString(); 

    As, in Chart image, in tooltip, it is showing "Length" (x-axis) as "44", but showing point on "39".

    It seems, it assigns Y values to X values in sequence.
    Is it possible to display this kind of data in Rad Line Chart ?

    What changes should I need to do ?
  2. Ves
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    Posted 20 Nov 2009 Link to this post

    Hello Mansi,

    I am not really sure about the expected result. According the data sheet you have attached it appears that the "1-wood" and "LW" points will coincide - they both have cpm=270 and length=41.00. In addition, "PW" and "2 hybrid" will form a vertical line from 280 to 300 as they both have length=40.00. Can you please attach a scratch of the expected result, so that we can provide you with instructions, focused on it? Thanks.

    Best regards,
    the Telerik team

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  3. Mansi
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    Posted 20 Nov 2009 Link to this post


    Thanks for the reply. I have solved the issue.

    Actually it is pointing to wrong x-values in graph. As you can see in tool tip, it is showing value - 44 for length, and in graph, it is at 39 - length.

    The problem was, i had assigned  ,
                        chartSeries.DataYColumn = "CPM";

    but not for X. So, I did that, and i think that thing was creating problem.

      chartSeries.DataXColumn = "Length"; - was missing.

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