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    using ASP.NET AJAX controls Q3 2009 I placed several rad comboboxes in a RadDock element. The RadDock should act as a collapsable search panel for a RadGrid on the same page. In the Page_Load event all comboboxes are filled with complete appropriate data. The data of some of them can be confined by the selection of others as in the continents/countries example (related comboboxes). I can't get that example work. 

    I've implemented the "relation" between a brand and project combo:

    1.<telerik:RadComboBox ID="cboBrand" runat="server" AccessKey="B" Width="250px" Filter="Contains" 
    2.    ToolTip="bla bla " OnClientSelectedIndexChanged="loadProjects">                         
    3. </telerik:RadComboBox>
    4.<telerik:RadComboBox ID="cboProject" runat="server" AccessKey="P" Width="250px" Filter="Contains"
    5.    AllowCustomText="false" EnableViewState="false" AutoPostBack="false"     
    6.EnableLoadOnDemand="false" OnItemsRequested="cboProject_ItemsRequested"                          OnClientItemsRequested="itemsLoaded">

    The according javascript functions reside in a special RadCodeBlock (an other block exists for context menu handling for the grid):

    01.<telerik:RadCodeBlock ID="SearchComboHandler" runat="server">
    02. <script type="text/javascript">
    03.    function loadProjects(combo, args) 
    04.          { 
    05.    varitem = args.get_item(); 
    06.       var cboProject = $find("<%=cboProject.ClientID %>");
    07.      cboProject.requestItems(item.get_value(), false);
    09.          } 
    12.    function itemsLoaded(combo, eventArqs) 
    13.          { 
    14.       if (combo.get_items().get_count() > 0) 
    16.         combo.set_text(combo.get_items().getItem(0).get_text()); 
    17.         combo.get_items().getItem(0).highlight(); 
    19.    }                     
    20. </script> 

    The items of the project combobox are requested as follows (The helper methods returns a data table. It works fine.):

    1.protected void cboProject_ItemsRequested(object o, RadComboBoxItemsRequestedEventArgs e)
    3.   cboProject.DataSource = DataHelper.AdminDataRead("project", Convert.ToInt32(e.Text));
    4.   cboProject.DataTextField = "name";
    5.   cboProject.DataValueField = "id";
    7.   cboProject.DataBind(); 

    After selecting an item from the brand combobox the first appropriate project is shown. Further project entries are displayed only after I opened the project combobox two or three times. Debugging clearified that parameters and data/return values are correctly fetched and transmitted.

    I've searched the examples, community and other online resources for two days, tried some of the offered solutions but, nothing worked. A hint what I'm doing wrong would be really helpful. If you need more details or code snippets please let me know about.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Solved it - literacy helps (sometimes).
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