Key Features

HTTP/HTTPS Traffic Recording

  • Archive and playback recorded traffic

    You can store the HTTP(s) traffic you captured though Fiddler to an archive (SAZ file) and reload it later, even from a different computer. This compressed file format contains the full request and response, as well as flags, timers, and other metadata. Fiddler also makes it easy for non-technical users to capture and deliver traffic files to be later analyzed by experts – all they need to do is use FiddlerCap, a lightweight capture-only add-on.

  • Filter captured traffic

    Going through hundreds of requests and server responses as you navigate through your app can be quite frustrating. It’s instrumental to be able to reduce the number of requests to the important ones only. Fiddler supports a wide range of filters such as “hide a session”, “highlight interesting traffic”, “breakpoint for manipulation on a session”, “block traffic from sending”, and more that can save you loads of time and efforts. A general best practice is to hide all successful web (200s) and image requests.

  • Deep dive into session metrics

    Fiddler’s Session Inspector widget displays the contents of a recorded web session: status, headers, caching, cookies, URLs, protocols, type of compression used, redirects and more. Click the Session Inspector tab to see all the details at a glance. This information helps you ensure that the browser is receiving and transferring back the cache directives, cookies, and additional information your web site may need. In addition, any redirect that you get from the web server will also be visible.

  • Capture all HTTP(s) traffic

    Building web applications is no easy thing. Most developers remain unaware of exactly how their application is interacting with the web browsers installed on their clients’ machines. This is where Fiddler steps in to help you record all the HTTP and HTTPS traffic that passes between your computer and the Internet. Better yet, Fiddler captures traffic from all locally-running processes thus logging server-to-server (e.g. Web Services) and device-to-server traffic (e.g. iPad and Windows Phone clients).


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