Stellar Reports in Telerik Reporting - The Crystal Reports Alternative

Telerik Reporting is a complete Reporting Solution for Web and Desktop Applications built using .NET and Telerik Report Server is the ultimate Report Management and Collaboration Solution powered by Telerik Reporting. Pair these products with our legendary Technical Support and this solidifies Telerik Reporting and Report Server as great Crystal Reports and Crystal Server alternatives.


At Progress we can confidently say that we enjoy working with our customers. One benefit to this, is we sometimes learn of trends occurring out in the wild. Recently, we have been hearing a wide array of considerations for choosing a Crystal Reports alternative. We decided to reach out to our customers that have switched and organize these considerations into a guide. We expect this to help everyone looking to make the switch and the following is an overview of the considerations that we compiled.

These are important considerations because the Crystal Reports website promotes the capability for its report designer to bring data in from various sources and create a document where the data is formatted into a design of their choosing, such as an invoice, sales or operational report, marketing letter or some sort of analytic. A solution of this magnitude needs to meet a set of criteria in order to be the first choice for the developer and end-user. Read through to discover the curated list of criteria we created for you that shows how Telerik Reporting is better than Crystal Reports and should be the Reporting Solution's first choice.

While the greater benefit comes from the whole guide, we developed each section independently to be enjoyed on its own. A very big thank you is due to our customers that participated in this exercise.