This week’s guest on XAMLflix is the RadWindow for Silverlight and WPF. 

XAMLflix is a set of video tutorials designed to make it easy for you to get started with and learn about advanced features of Telerik’s RadControls for Silverlight and WPF. There’s a new video every Tuesday and Thursday and a new written tutorial every Wednesday.

You only have to learn how to use a RadControl once because the Silverlight and WPF controls share a common code base and API. 

RadWindow enables the quick and easy creation of modal popups for your application.  They can be very useful for drawing attention to important information or to receive user input.  RadWindow lets you create both Child and Dialog windows, and you can customize their appearance and content.

RadWindows also provide an easy way to replace the standard non-customizable alert, confirm and prompt dialog boxes. With RadWindow, you can blend these popups into your overall design.

This week we have three videos on RadWindows

  • Getting Started With RadWindows: This video introduces RadWindows and shows how to create a RadWindow and how to have it host other panels such as the Grid.  RadWindows are typically not created declaratively in XAML but rather dynamically in your C#.  In this Video you’ll see how to programmatically create a TextBox within a Grid that is placed within a custom-sized RadWindow. (Download the project)
  • RadWindows And Dialog Boxes: This video demonstrates how to create each of the replacements for the standard dialog boxes. You’ll see how to create an Alert dialog box, a confirmation dialog box and a prompt dialog box, the last of which is designed to allow user input (Download the project)
  • RadWindows – Beyond the Standard Dialogs: This video demonstrates three ways to invoke the Alert dialog box. You’ll also see how to determine which button was pressed in the confirmation dialog box. Finally, we’ll take a look at how to retrieve the data entered in the prompt dialog box.  (Download the project)


Telerik XAMLflix for WPF controls In these videos you’ve seen how easy it is to replace the standard Alert, Confirm and Prompt dialog boxes, and how to retrieve the user’s input. 

RadWindows is just one control offered in the Telerik Silverlight/WPF control suite; you can download your own copy of the Silverlight and WPF control suite right now.

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