This week on XAMLFlix we’re looking at RadTimeBar for Silverlight and WPF.

XAMLflix is a Telerik production, designed to teach you how to use and get the most out of new new and existing controls in Telerik’s XAML suite.  Every Tuesday and Thursday we have new videos; every Wednesday we have a new written tutorial. 

Since the Telerik Silverlight and WPF controls share a common codebase and API, you only have to learn how to use them once! In this video we show how to work with RadTimeBar in Silverlight, but the downloadable code demonstrates clearly that the same code works perfectly in WPF.

RadTimeBar is a lightweight time-bound Data Visualization control. It acts as a container for displaying data, and is ideally suited to work with RadSparkline, containing the Sparkline and giving it context within a time period. You can also combine RadTimeBar with RadChart, RadGridView, RadBulletGraph etc.

RadTimeBar provides a powerful context for RadSparkline. The sparkline is terrific at providing an overview of the trends of your data; anchoring it in RadTimeLine gives that overview a context of when the various changes occurred.

  • RadTimeBar Getting Started introduces the RadTimeBar and shows you how to create one declaratively – that is, within XAML.  It also introduces the concepts of intervals, such as month, week and day to enhance your display. Finally the video shows you how to control how much of the time line is initially displayed. (Download the project!)
  • RadTimeBar Code shows how to create a RadSparkline and a RadTimeBar in C#. By taking programmatic control over the creation and display of the control you gain the ability to modify the appearance of the control dynamically. The properties set programmatically are of course the same as those set declaratively in XAML.  (Download the project!)
  • RadTimeBar Advanced Features dives more deeply into managing the amount of data that is initially displayed. Three time spans are considered: the time for the entire display, the time span initially shown in the control and the time span for the selection.  Additionally, a new attribute is introduced that allows you to have the highlighted span snap to time intervals. (Download the project!)


Telerik XAMLflix for WPF controls In these videos you’ll see how easily you can add and modify RadTimeBar and how you can use RadTimeBar as a container for other data visualization controls such as RadSparkline.

Remember, RadTimeBar is only one of the controls offered in the Silverlight/WPF suite. Download your own copy of the Silverlight and WPF control suite right now.  

What would you like to see us cover in this series? Are there particular controls or details of controls you’d like to see XAMLflix videos on? Just add a comment.

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