Welcome back to XAMLflix. This week we’re looking at RadSparkline for Silverlight and WPF.

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Since the Telerik Silverlight and WPF controls share a common codebase and API, you only have to learn how to use them once!

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RadSparkline is an information graphic -- designed to be both lightweight and highly performant.  To meet those goals, it does not provide many visual indicators such as an x or y axis, but it does handle anything from just a few data points to many thousands.  As you’ll see in our second video, there are a number of features that enhance the utility of RadSparkline, and as you’ll see in the third video, you can bind RadSparkline to line-of-business class data.

  • RadSparkline Getting Started – In this video we take a look at how to create the various RadSparkline graphics, including LinearSparkLine, ScatterSparkLine, AreaSparkLine, ColumnSparkLine and finally WinLossSparkline.  Each type is illustrated with the same data, so you can easily compare the output. (Download the source code)
  • RadSparkLine – Features – In this video we examine the various  properties and settings that you can add to your sparkline to enhance its utility. For example, you can add markers at each data point, you can indicate the high and low points in a set of data, you can indicate the first and last point, and so forth.  You can even manage how the sparkline handles empty data points. (Download the source code)
  • RadSparkLine - Data Binding – In this video we examine how to bind the data from a class to the sparkline. Specifically, we’ll create a Plain Old CLR Object (POCO) and bind it to various Sparkline types to see the data displayed using this lightweight graphic. (Download the source code)



Telerik XAMLflix for WPF controls We hope you’ve seen how easy it is to get started with RadSparkline. This lightweight responsive control can be exactly what is needed to help visualize data in a line-of-business application.

Remember, this is only one of the controls offered in the Silverlight/WPF suite. Download your own copy of the Silverlight and WPF control suite now.  

Also, tell us what you want to see in the future. What videos and tutorials would be of most interest; which controls would you like to make sure we cover?  Add a comment to this post.

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