This week’s topic on XAMLflix is the RadColorEditor

XAMLflix is produced by Telerik and designed to teach you how to get the most out of our new and our existing controls in Telerik’s XAML Suite for Silverlight and WPF.  We have a new video every Tuesday and Thursday and a new tutorial every Wednesday.

Because the Telerik Silverlight and WPF controls share a common codebase and API, you only have to learn how to use them once!

In today’s videos we show how to work with RadColorBar in Silverlight, but the downloadable code demonstrates clearly that the same code works perfectly in WPF.

 RadColorEditor is a lightweight UI component that allows users to select color from a custom palette of colors.  You can drop a RadColorEditor into any Silverlight or WPF application to achieve this functionality.  RadColorEditor supports the four standard ColorModes:  RGB, HLS, HSV and CMYK

Today’s videos are:

  • RadColorEditor.GettingStarted.  This video introduces the RadColorEditor and demonstrates how to capture the user’s color choice.  Adding the ColorEditor is as simple as dragging or writing it into the XAML and setting one event handler for when the color selection is changed.  The code behind consists entirely of the event handler for the selection change event. (Download the project!)
  • RadColorEditor.History  This video demonstrates how to extend the RadColorEditor and to take advantage of its history feature, which keeps track of the previous n color choices. Here we add an Item control and display the previous selections as a row of small color squares.  (Download the project!)


Telerik XAMLflix for WPF controls We hope you’ve seen here just how quickly and easily you can add RadColorEditor into your next business application.  And remember, this is just one of the controls offered in the Silverlight/WPF suite. Feel free to download your own copy of the Silverlight and WPF control suite today.  

Before you go, please take a moment to tell us what you want to see covered in the future. Whether it is new controls, additional features or content based off of existing controls, drop a comment in this post.

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