Every Wednesday we publish a new tutorial based on the XAMLFlix video series.  This gives you the same information as the video, but in a searchable text form.

This week we are looking at RadDataBars. RadDataBars are a very useful way to display information about relative sizes and percentages. RadDataBars come in three flavors:

  • RadDataBar
  • RadStackedDataBar
  • RadStacked100DataBar

The RadDataBar reflects a single value, typically as a horizontal bar.

The RadStackedDataBar reflects a series of values and their relative sizes, one stacked upon another .

The RadStacked100DataBar is much like the RadStackedDataBar except that it is sized to fill the entire provided area -- each value given a percentage of the available space.

In this tutorial we show not only how to create and use these RadDataBars but also how to customize them, how to add a scale and how to modify the colors used in their display.

RadDataBar    Tutorial    Video

Wrap-Up & Share Your Thoughts

Telerik XAMLflix for WPF controls As you can see, it is quick and easy to use the RadDataBar in your line-of-business application.

And remember! RadDataBar is only one of the controls offered in the Silverlight/WPF suite.  

Note: Please be sure to  tell us what you want to see in future tutorials and videos. Just drop a comment in this post.

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