Q1 2010 release focuses on strengthening 3 main aspects of RadControls for Silverlight and RadControls for WPF:

  • Ensuring first-class performance for all data-centric controls through various techniques,
  • Enhancing and polishing RadControls themes
  • Providing highly advanced, enterprise-level features, especially for the data visualization controls 

We know that performance is crucial for line-of-business applications. Therefore, we always make sure that RadControls can help you achieve unmatched performance and this has always been our number one priority. RadControls achieve unbeatable performance through UI and Data Virtualization, Data Sampling and built-in Load On Demand features.

Several of the major controls in the bundles have been enhanced with UI virtualization support – Scheduler, CoverFlow and Book.

As a part of Q1 2010 we also want to bring an unparalleled visual richness to your applications. To achieve that we have done a major rework of all our themes. We used a uniform templating approach across all controls, streamlined naming conventions for resources and delivered a much more consistent look of the controls along the way.

RadControls for WPF bundle has been enriched with two new controls – Map and Book.


Another new control has been included in the Q1 2010 release. However, it continues to be in a CTP stage. This is the Transition control. We decided that this is the better way to proceed as we will need some more input from our community on how exactly to develop this control further. Therefore, we will be regularly blogging on the development progress so that we can clearly indicate the direction, in which the control is evolving and gather your feedback on whether this is the best direction.

Our Charting controls for Silverilght and WPF have been advanced with major new features such as Data Sampling, Zooming and Scrolling, Automatic SmartLables positioning, Sorting and Filtering and many more.

The new built-in paging of the GridView control now allows you to page through your data, thus resulting in an event faster and more responsive grid that can easily handle enormously large datasets.

The Q1 2010 Download files are now available under your accounts:

Full Release Notes can be found at:
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RadControls for WPF Release Notes

Complete list of API Changes is available at:
RadControls for Silverlight Changes and Backwards Compatibility
RadControls for WPF Changes and Backwards Compatibility

The online demos are available at:
RadControls for Silverlight
RadControls for WPF

The updated online documentation is available at:
RadControls for Silverlight online help
RadControls for WPF online help

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