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Now that I'm all back and settled in the Boston metro area, it's time to make some resources available to people who attended and for anyone interested in a little bit of Silverlight goodness.

First though I've got a tiny side-note as far as the presentations.  Originally in this post I mentioned that we offered three different Silverlight talks to the user groups, but as it turns out nobody picked this one:

Building a Unified Experience – Developing with Silverlight 4 and Windows Phone 7
In this session, we will get look into development on both the full Silverlight platform and on Windows Phone 7.  We’ll explore the advantages (and limitations) of each platform and the different options we have on each as far as user experience and interaction are concerned.

So since I'm all sorts of excited to work on this, I put the vote up to the Ottawa group and they decided that I should do the above talk as a series of videos along with source code and a walkthrough, so in a few weeks that will be available here as well!

Back on track though, below you can find the source code and slides for the two presentations I did do for Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, East of Toronto, North of Toronto, and Metro Toronto in the last two weeks.

Silverlight Development Best Practices
In this session, we will explore best practices of development with Silverlight.  This will include a look at the current toolset (VS2010/Blend) as well as the different options for architecture and data access (to MVVM or not to MVVM, WCF RIA Services or not, etc.), as well as how you can structure your application for intelligent reuse of styles and resources, making it easier to design a large-scale application with a unified look and feel.

Silverlight Development Best Practices

Silverlight Development Best Practices Code Samples

The Designer/Developer Experience with Silverlight
In this code-heavy session, we will build a small sample application from the ground up, utilizing Visual Studio 2010 to handle the code and Expression Blend to manage the design experience.  By utilizing both applications, we’ll get to see how the designer/developer story plays out and what features of both applications are most helpful for your development.

Designer Developer Experience in Silverlight

Designer Developer Experience with Silverlight Code Samples


P.S.- If you happen to be in Canada and itching for more .Net and development goodness, don't forget to check out Techdays Canada!  Two action-packed days of learning and some great freebies that come along with attendance (the most important of which, obviously, is the RadControls for Silverlight license).

P.P.S.- And yes, I didn't forget that I owe my friends in Canada some links.  If you're looking to get into Silverlight, here are some names and people you should know and follow:

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