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As you may already know, since the invention of the chart control there are some cornerstone cases when most of the implementations do not perform well. One of these is the arrangement of labels on the horizontal axis and especially when placed in a limited space(overlapping labels). This problem is clearly visible on the image below:


Several ways to work around this problem have been developed and during the last months we put efforts to implement most of them. Our recent Q2.2009 release of RadChart for WPF/SL offers the following AxisX properties:

  1. LabelStep - when set to n, this property will make only one out of n labels visible and the rest will be collapsed. Here is the result:
  2. LabelRotationAngle - when set, this property will make all the labels appear rotated to the specified angle:
  3. A combination of the two will also work fine:
  4. When using "Strict mode" with AutoRange on the X axis there is one more option available. The property TicksDistance makes the minimum space between two adjacent tick points to be not less than its value in pixels.


We look forward your comments and ideas which will help us to further improve the control.



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