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Today I decided to break the lengthy silence on my blog by writing about two of the features that will be included in the Q3 SP1 (mid-December), namely labels in 3D and labels formatting.

Here are a couple of screenshots:

Chart RotatedChart ChartArea ChartBubble ChartSpline

As the screenshots clearly show, the labels are simple 2D controls instead of 3D objects. As I wrote in an earlier blog post, that guarantees the labels will be readable at all times, and not hidden by other 3D objects (always on top of the Viewport). If you are interested in the implementation details, you can refer to the aforementioned blog post.

The other important feature that will be included in SP1 is the ability to set formatting and custom labels on both series and axes:


In both 2D and 3D you can set the text for each item and/or the format string for all items in a series or on the axes.


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