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Now that the Q1 2010 release has passed I would like to bring to your attention the official release of one of our newest controls - RadMap for Silverlight [and WPF]. Most of you who are actively involved into the business of data visualization solutions probably are aware that with the Q3 2009 release last year we released a public beta (CTP) version of our map control and it naturally evolved into a fully-fledged control for our current official release.

First of all – a BIG thanks to all of you early adopters, who gave the control a try and shared constructive feedback (and also lots of kind words ;)) with us and helped this to happen.

So in the good tradition of my original overview of the CTP version of RadMap, I would like to highlight some of the most exciting new features that you might have missed in the rush surrounding the Q1 2010 release in March (full release notes can be found here):

  • WPF equivalent of the Silverlight RadMap control – RadMap is now available for WPF as well! The Silverlight and WPF controls share the same codebase and API so you will be able to seamlessly transfer your control knowledge from one platform to the other.
  • OpenStreetMapProvider – RadMap now supports imagery data from the OpenStreetMap project thus allowing you to choose the right map provider (be that BingMaps, OpenStreetMap, empty provider, or custom solution) according to your business needs and requirements (this was actually added for Q3 2009 SP1).

Click to open OpenStreetMap example

  • Data Binding – you can now use the new built-in data binding support to easily populate the items in the InformationLayer (any FrameworkElement and/or shape can be overlayed over the imagery data).

Click to open DataBinding example

  • Search – searching for a particular location now takes just a few seconds thanks to the new integrated BingSearchProvider in RadMap.

Click to open Search example

  • Routing – the control now provides integrated routing support through the BingRouteProvider that can be used to plot a route between different locations.

Click to open Routing example

  • Geocoding – the control now provides integrated geocoding support through the BingGeocodeProvider that can be used to find address by location and vice versa.

Click to open Geocoding example

  • BingMaps Bird's Eye View – BingMapProvider now adds support for Bird’s Eye View that complements the existing Aerial and Road View modes.

Click to open Bird's Eye View example


While we are pretty excited with the progress of RadMap so far and got the basics covered, once again we need your help: please review our public issue tracking system (PITS) and cast your votes for your favorite map features that you would like to see implemented first (or submit new feature requests if your personal favorites are missing). All of the listed PITS items do have their merits but we need to prioritize and we would like to make sure that our plans follow your business needs as well.


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