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I hope you all enjoyed the What’s New in RadControls for WinForms Q3 2013 webinar. In case you missed it, you have come to the right place. Here I will share you the resources from the webinar, including the slides, video and sample code.


Here are the Slides, Source Code, and Webinar video .


In this webinar we showed off the official release of RadGanttView, including its seamless integration with RadScheduler. We showed you how making changes in RadScheduler became immediately apparent in RadGanttView and vice-versa. Next we introduced you to a couple new controls in the collection. RadRangeSelector, that allows you to focus on a subset of data from a main chart, as well as RadRating, to provide users with an interactive and visually pleasing way to rate items, such as products and services right from within your WinForms application. Lastly we introduced you to the latest addition to the WinForms Themes, the Office 2013 Light theme. This theme helps you maintain the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Office in your applications.


Before we get into the Q&A, we would encourage you to leave feedback on any new control or request a new feature.

Q: In RadGanttView can we format the timeline with Year and Month alone?

Q: Can RadGanttView be run in an unbound mode?
A: Yes, indeed it can, we will be providing a help article on this soon.

Q: Can we add a custom shape to RadRating?
A: Yes, you can create a custom by creating your own visual element, here is an example of creating a circle element.

Q: Can we have more than 5 items in RadRating?
A:Yes, you can add as many items as you’d like to RadRating by adding new items to the Items collection of the control.

Q: Can the colors be different for each item in RadRating?
A: Yes, the colors can be set on each item individually.

Q: Is there a plan for RadGridView and RadPivotGrid to support exporting to OpenXML format (Excel 2007 and later), and not just ExcelIML format (XML for Excel 2003)?
A: We have a feature requests for both functionalities (link, link), however for the time being we do not have a time frame when this would be delivered. The more votes these get in PITS the higher the go in our priority list.  

Q: Will all of the RadControls for Windows Forms controls work on Windows 7
A: Yes

Q: In RadControls for Windows Forms is there an upload control linked to Everlive?
A: Not currently, though you can submit a ticket with this feature request:

Q: Does RadGridView support multiple column headers?
A: Yes

Q: Does RadGridView support copy and paste of individual cells as well as ranges of cells, like in Excel?
A: Yes.

Q: For using export to Excel functions, is it necessary to have MS Office Installed ?
A: No.

Q: What about performance with large amounts of data in RadGridView and RadChartView?
A: Both controls are handling pretty decent amount of data and will cover most of the user scenarios. However, for very large amounts of data you can use the Virtual Mode functionality of the grid.

Q: Does RadPdfViewer support fillable forms ?
A: Not currently, though you can submit a ticket with this feature request:


We hope you enjoyed the Q3 release of RadControls for WinForms, for more detailed information of all the new features and functionality, here are the release notes. Be sure to upgrade your projects or download a trial today!

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