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Phil and I would like to thank everyone that took the time to attend the webinar “What’s New for the HTML/JavaScript Developer in RadControls for Windows 8 HTML and Telerik Reporting”. If you weren’t able to attend you are in luck, in this blog post you will find all the resources for the webinar including source code and recorded video.


Here are the Slides, Source Code (Win8JS, Reporting), and Webinar video.


In this webinar Phil showed us what is new and exciting in RadControls for Windows 8 HTML. This included information regarding new controls including RadRadialMenu that gives you a popular spherical space saving toolbar, RadColorPicker that provides multiple intuitive ways for users to select precise colors, as well as RadScheduler CTP that provides an attractive appointment scheduling interface and includes versatile day, week and month views as well as a very handy agenda view. Exciting new features were also announced including single and multiple range date selection in RadCalendar combined with calendar linking, so you can select ranges across a span of multiple months. RadChart now boasts two new series types, Polar and Radar.

Phil then covered Data Storage for WinJS that has moved from CTP to Beta. Leveraging SQLLite for local storage, Data Storage provides an easy to use means for database CRUD operations in your Windows Store application. In this release, you are now able to define a schema that will be used to automatically create the database (remember this only needs to be defined on the first call). Having defined schemas allows you to take advantage of automatic validation of data that is being saved into the database.

Telerik Reporting was up next with a very exciting Q3 release. First off is the release of an HTML5 compliant Report Viewer widget. This brings the power of Telerik Reporting to modern browsers including touch-enabled mobile devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone and WinRT. This powerful widget is fully customizable with the included HTML templates that you are free to edit to meet your particular requirements. Styling also comes easy as this widget is built with Kendo UI at its core. Include this Report Viewer widget using straight JavaScript and CSS, or use the convenient ASP.NET MVC server wrappers provided with the installation of Telerik Reporting.

In conjunction with the release of the HTML5 Report Viewer widget, Telerik Reporting has also released a REST-based service. With ASP.NET Web API as a foundation, use these endpoints to serve Telerik Reports to the HTML5 Report Viewer widget, or use them independently and provide services like exported reports in formats such as PDF, Word, Excel and more. The Telerik Reporting REST service is easily implemented in an ASP.NET project and has the ability to serve up reports from both compiled report libraries and reporting files saved from the stand-alone Telerik Report Designer. We finished up the demonstration of these exciting new advances in Telerik Reporting with compelling demonstration of Telerik Reporting combined with Icenium, where we witnessed Telerik reports being rendered on multiple platforms including iOS and Android as well multiple form factors including phones and tablets.


Before we get into the Q&A, we would encourage you to leave feedback on any new control or feature at

Q: Are all RadControls for Windows 8 HTML designed for mouse, touch and stylus?
A: Yes, these controls are designed to be used with all these methods of input.

Q: I missed the links for the Q2 RadControls for Windows 8 HTML information, can you post them?
A:  plus

Q: Do RadControls for Windows 8 HTML run on Windows 8 RT?
A: Yes!

Q: Does DataStorage require Windows 8+?
A: DataStorage works with both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. However, at this time you need to choose one or the other when adding the reference to your project. We are looking to be able to make that switch for you automatically but have run into some issues with the changes made to the MS platform. Stay tuned! Or goal is to make development crazy easy for you!

 Q: Does the Telerik Reporting REST Service replace the existing WCF Reporting Service?
A: No, the Telerik REST service is being provided in addition to the WCF Reporting Service.

Q: Does Telerik offer an end-user Report Designer that I can distribute to my clients allowing them to design their own report layout?
A: Yes! Find out more about the Telerik Report Designer tool.

Q: How do I customize the HTML5 Report Viewer widget?
A: You can customize the Report Viewer as you see fit by editing the HTML template located in the ReportViewer folder, by default this file is \ReportViewer\templates\telerikReportViewerTemplate.html

Q: Does the HTML5 Report Viewer and REST service need to be located on the same server, on the same domain?
A: No, it does not. When using the HTML5 Report Viewer widget, you can use a relative path in the current domain or a full URL to a different domain.

Q: Is this release of Telerik Reporting compatible with Visual Studio 2013?
A: Indeed it is!

Q: Can the Telerik Reporting REST service be hosted in a Medium trust environment?
A: Yes, Telerik Reporting works in Medium Trust environments with some restrictions, for more information please read this help article.


We hope you enjoyed the Q3 release of RadControls for Windows 8 HTML and Telerik Reporting, for more detailed information of all the new features and functionality, here are the release notes for RadControls for Windows 8 and Telerik Reporting.

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Download Telerik Reporting

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