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Q1 is already behind our back and we took the time right after it to sit down and carefully think about our next steps. We were trying to answer questions like where we want to be in Q2, what the main customer scenarios are, how we can help our customers achieve those scenarios, how we can use our resources in the most efficient way, who we’re targeting, etc. As a result we outlined a comprehensive plan including tons of significant improvements and new features as well as major new initiatives that will take Telerik DevCraft to another level in Q2. Below you can find a break-down and  highlights per product plus links to more detailed roadmaps for each of the products.


RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX will add one more component to the family, the TileList, which will help you build Windows 8 start menu style navigation. The components should become more stable as we are putting lots of effort in fixing reported bugs for the Editor, Grid, and Scheduler. We will continue to extend the support provided for the various mobile/touch devices and browsers. A new lightweight rendering will be added for a few components to leverage HTML5 and CCS3. Multiple small and big new features are also added on the pipeline. More details are available on the AJAX Roadmap page.


In Q2 we will bring new features and improvements across all of our controls for WPF and Silverlight. With this release we will enrich the functionality of our PivotGrid, Spreadsheet, ChartView and many others so you can cut the time for delivery and the resources spent on all of your applications. To see in details what we are after for Q2 2013, please have a look at our roadmaps for RadControls for WPF and RadControls for Silverlight.

Windows 8

Q2 will be about delivering new functionality and components that will cut your production time and costs and help you deliver your app faster and within budget. We will continue extending RadGrid with more business and productivity features such as Data Editing and Aggregation support to let you easily interact with the presented data as well as aggregate it to show averages, sums, totals, etc. First-class performance will also be among our top priorities throughout the quarter. In addition, we will be working on delivering some of the most requested components such as Calendar for HTML and XAML, NumericBox for XAML, MultiSelect and Bulletgraphs/Sparklines for HTML. More details are available on the Windows 8 Roadmap page.

Windows Forms

At WinForms DevLabs  we focus on providing you with easy-to-use UI building blocks that help you code as twice as fast and energize your apps with a snap. As part of our commitment to enable you easily deliver the projects supporting critical initiatives in your enterprise environment, we presented two new controls with Q1’13 Telerik’s DevTools release - RadPivotGrid and RadPDFViewer. The new components allow you to bring data management maturity to your analytical apps and load PDF files into your content management system in minutes. The roadmap for Q2 2013 includes a list of improvements that will roll out over the next few months. These updates will enable you to deliver simplified project management apps as well as enhanced timeline visualizations to you end-users.


Q2 2013 will be as exciting as Q1 2013, because Telerik Reporting will offer a completely new web report viewer. It will be purely HTML5/JS based, and it will support all .NET web technologies out of the box (MVC, Ajax, and traditional ASP.NET). The reports will be served via Telerik’s own RESTful report service. With it your users will be able to view reports anywhere, on any device with an HTML5 browser (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, etc.). We also plan to offer you an easy way to connect Telerik Reporting to Excel and CSV files, and to OData services.

Just Products

For the upcoming Q2 2013 release all Just products are preparing new features that will make developer’s life much easier. We’ll add support for new testing frameworks and will enhance the templates that help you create code quicker with JustCode. The way of viewing better decompiled code in JustDecompile will be much enhanced with the help of tab views. JustTrace will provide you with more insights (memory profiler analyses) and guidance why your app behaves like that. And JustMock will continue helping you test your code by playing nice with third party profilers, build systems and unifying its mocking API. For more information, please review JustCode, JustDecompile, JustTrace and JustMock Q2 2013 roadmaps.

Windows Phone

Q2 will bring new productivity controls and features that will further cut your time and costs to market. We will continue to heavily invest in new development for the platform and as always we will pioneer against any new major version or update that’s coming for Windows Phone. There are other great and major initiatives that have already been started and we will announce the first results of them sometime in the Q2 timeframe. More details are available on the Windows Phone Roadmap page.

We will be expecting your comments and requests on our feedback portals.

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