After each release, we gather to discuss all the feedback we have on our products that has come through different channels–forums, support tickets, product surveys, clients’ interviews and so on. Many times it is hard to prioritize everything, and is even harder to get everything done in one release. That is why we are careful when planning and even more careful when we share our roadmap with the clients. For our next official release, we have planned more cool controls and new features. In Q3 2015 we will ship the official version of RadDesktopAlert for WPF. As implied by the name, this control will show a notification window on your desktop once you get the needed event.

Speaking of new controls, we will work on the beta version of RadTimeSpanPicker for WPF. The new addition will help you to pick timespan values in your desktop applications in a fast and elegant way. 


We will also offer an Icon Set. It will deliver our XAML icons as a separate resource, so you will have easier access to them.


Of course, we’ll add a lot of other new features and enhancements for all controls. Just to tickle your curiosity, I’ll share some of the most interesting ones.

Optimization of Alternating Rows for RadGridView

Many times, we hear from you that alternating rows are very important for your projects but you do not like the performance of the current implementation. Worry no more! We have some ideas to implement and we hope you’ll like the result.

RadPdfProcessing Import Improvements

We heard that you need to import even more types of PDFs. For our next release we plan a lot of improvements in this direction. We will work on support for Type 1 fonts, cross-reference streams and cross-reference tables. 

RibbonView Keyboard Support

We will enhance the keyboard support of our RibbonView for WPF, so you will be able to change the keyboard focus without using the mouse, similar to the way you do in Microsoft Office products.

We Value Your Opinion

Because Telerik is a customer-oriented company, your feedback plays a key role in planning the development direction of our controls and features. Please, do not hesitate to share any thoughts, opinions and ideas in the Feedback portal, where they can be liked and prioritized by the community.

About the Author

Hristo Maradjiev

Product Manager,
Telerik XAML Team

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