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The new roadmap for Telerik Reporting and Telerik Report Server is cooking! Vote now for the features you want to see most in R3 2020.

In the following week we are closing our Service Pack development cycle for Telerik Reporting and Telerik Report Server and we have shortlisted quite a few feature requests from our feedback portal and other communication channels for the R3 2020 release. At Progress, we always appreciate all the feedback we get from our customers and this time we decided to boost your participation in the process of prioritizing the shortlisted features.

We ask for your help in voting and commenting for the features that are most valuable to you. Based on this feedback, which we will gather in the next week, we will prioritize and deliver a release with features important to you.

This blog contains a list of shortlisted features for Telerik Reporting and Telerik Report Server R3 2020 roadmap. Every feature has it's own feedback item in our feedback portal. If any feature is interesting to you, click on the link for more information and vote for it.

Reporting Еngine

  • Parallelize the Reporting Engine—Optimize the Telerik Reporting performance by parallelizing the reporting paging and rendering. Better utilize CPUs with multiple cores and as a result, improve the REST Service throughput and decrease the viewers' rendering times. Vote!
  • SVG support for the PictureBox item—support for vector graphics with SVG images. Vote!

Web Report Designer Features

  • Editors reset functionality—Web Report Designer needs a reset option for properties area editors to revert the properties values to the default property value. Vote!
  • The current selection of the Properties Area state is lost on selection change. Instead we should preserve the properties tab state on selection change to improve usability. Vote!
  • Upload and download reports from the file system. Vote!
  • Improve the Crosstab, Table and List items editing user experience and add context menu commands. Vote!
  • Web Service Data Source Wizard—facilitate the Web Service Data Source initial setup or editing with a user-friendly wizard. Vote!
  • JSON Data Source Wizard—facilitate the JSON Data Source initial setup or editing with a user-friendly wizard. Vote!
  • CSV Data Source Wizard—facilitate the CSV Data Source initial setup or editing with a user-friendly wizard. Vote!
  • Map Wizard—facilitate the setup of a Map item with a user-friendly wizard. Vote!
  • Visual Studio item templates—Automate the process of integrating the Web Report Designer widget in Visual Studio projects. Automatically detect and add missing NuGet dependencies, add ReportDesignerController, and configure the project. Vote!

Desktop Report Designers

  • Better support for form type reports in the desktop report designers—Standalone Report Designer and Visual Studio Report Designer. Vote!
  • Enable editing type reports in .NET Core projects with the Visual Studio integrated Report Designer. Vote!

Report Viewers

  • Cancel report rendering for REST service and for viewers that utilize it. Vote!

Telerik Report Server

  • Multitenancy—enable utilizing the same Report Server instance independently from multiple organizations.  Vote!
  • Optimize Reports view—currently, the Reports view is loading slowly when hundreds of reports are viewed. Optimize the Reports view for servers that manage enormous lists of reports. Vote!
  • Research and enable support for Azure App Services. Additionally, provide Report Server deployment through the Azure marketplace. Vote!

Get Started Today 

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Try Telerik Reporting 

Telerik Reporting is a complete, lightweight, easy-to-use and powerful .NET reporting tool for web and desktop applications that supports: ASP.NET Core, Blazor, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX, HTML5, Angular, React, Vue, WPF, WinForms. With Reporting tool any developer or reporting user will be able to create, style, view and export rich, interactive and reusable reports to attractively and beautifully present analytical and any business data. The reports can be added to any web and desktop business application through report viewer controls. The ready reports can be exported in more than 15 formats. 

Try Telerik Report Server 

Telerik Report Server is end-to-end report management solution which helps transform raw data into actionable business insights and then stores and distributes these insights within the business. Report Server comes bundled as a lightweight web application that can be downloaded and run on user local web server. Once its installed, it enables the company to store all reports in a single server-side repository. It comes packed with a variety of Line-of-Business features like report scheduling, data alerts and e-mail notifications, user management, authentication and authorization and re-branding functionality.

You can pick these up as individual products, or as part of the great DevCraft bundles. 

Telerik DevCraft is the finest software developer tools collection across .NET and JavaScript technologies, which includes modern, feature-rich and professionally designed UI components for web, desktop and mobile applications, reporting and report management solutions, document processing libraries, automated testing and mocking tools from the Telerik and Kendo UI suites. DevCraft will arm you with everything you need to deliver outstanding applications in less time and with less effort. With the backing of our legendary support team, which consists of the developers who build the products, and a ton of resources and trainings you can rest assured that you have a stable partner to rely on for your everyday challenges in your software development journey. 

About the Author

Petar Raykov

Petar Raykov is a Software Developer in the Telerik Reporting division. He has been working on Telerik products since 2010. Off work he enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends and reading.

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