Several days ago, a customer of ours had an interesting issue with RadWindow and Telerik Reporting. The idea was to show a ReportViewer in a RadWindow while the RadWindow automatically resizes itself to fit the dimensions of the content page. I thought this would be a nice example to have, therefore I have created a small sample based on this task and filmed it. I hope it will be of help for the community :)

Generally speaking, the steps that must be taken in such scenario are:

  1. Create a new web site with RadWindow and set up the database (in the example I used the Northwind Access database that comes with the RadControls' distribution)
  2. Add a new Class Library to contain the report 
  3. Set up the ReportViewer and insert it in a dialog page. 
  4. Use JavaScript to resize the RadWindow and center it on the page after that.

Because of the specifics of the Web Site project it is strongly recommended to first create a class library that contains the reports and then reference that class library in applications that view the reports. This solution structure decouples your program logic from the report and its data. 

The video can be seen on the following link:

About the Author

Georgi Tunev

 is Technical Support Director

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