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In this episode of DevRadio, learn how to use the open source Telerik UI for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to build highly-performant applications for all Windows 10, as well as IoT, Xbox and VR devices.

Earlier this year, we announced that we were open-sourcing the Telerik UI for UWP suite to the wide developer community and especially for those interested in building Windows 10 apps. The project also recently joined the .NET Foundation and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve received amazing feedback from all of you in both of these initiatives and hope that this is yet another step in helping developers be more productive and feel like true .NET Ninjas J.

In this latest episode of Channel 9’s DevRadio, Jerry Nixon welcomes John Bristowe and Sam Basu to share what the Telerik UI for UWP suite offers. They explore how the toolkit can aid developers in building highly-performant applications for Windows 10 based desktop, tablet and phone devices, as well as its implications for markets such as IoT, Xbox and VR. Some of the main topics they cover are:

  1. What is Telerik UI for UWP?
  2. An overview of the Grid, Chart and DataForm controls
  3. Why is the suite “special”?
  4. How can you start off with Telerik UI for UWP?

The guys also discuss the best practices in UI, building controls in-house, the state of UWP today, the UWP ecosystem and the Community Toolkit and what the XAML Standard means for UWP.

Check out the full video here on DevRadio, or just watch below.

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I want to introduce this video with a quote John gives on the show:

"We are really good at drawing pixels to the screen and grids - that’s our forte. We put all that stuff that we really know and love into these controls and made them available to the UWP audience..."

That's Telerik UI for UWP in a nutshell. Enjoy!


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