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We’re pleased to announce that the Progress Telerik UI for UWP project will be joining the .NET Foundation. The .NET Foundation is an open source organization dedicated to guiding the development of the .NET ecosystem, based on principles of openness, rapid innovation and community participation. As a huge investor in the .NET ecosystem, we’re excited to begin contributing our code and expertise to this project.

Why We are Joining the .NET Foundation

Simple—we want to support the community. It’s you who have made us what we are today, and this is one way we can give back (we have other open source projects too). Our goal as always is to make your lives as developers easier. It’s important to us to contribute to a strong .NET ecosystem, and when you’re getting work done better and faster, we know we’re doing our own jobs well.

What this Means for You

The Telerik UI for UWP suite was released to the community as open source earlier this year, and the code will now be contributed to the .NET Foundation, to make it even more accessible and visible to the worldwide .NET Community.

Telerik UI for UWP components can be used for both personal and commercial Windows 10 applications, and includes complex controls such as Grid and Chart. Rather than reinventing the wheel, you can save time and take advantage of our open source solution completely for free. Not only that, but the full source code is available for you to review. We’ve been developing .NET controls for a long time, and we hope that we can help the community learn the best practices that our developers have to offer.

The community of developers targeting Windows 10 and building UWP apps is constantly growing. One of the main advantages of open source projects has always been the ability to talk and discuss roadblocks with other professionals around the globe. Additionally, if you have any ideas and suggestions, feel free to contribute directly to the project on GitHub, guiding the future of the toolkit.

As a matter of fact, the first 20 top contributors will be getting a special surprise by the .NET Foundation and Telerik teams—a limited edition T-shirt.


To qualify as a top contributor, you must either:

Afterwards, just tweet the link to your commit with #TelerikUIforUWP and @Telerik. We will review it and notify you over Twitter/GitHub if you scored one of the sweet shirts. Hurry up!

For those who need a more formal level of assistance, enterprise-class support is available as well, guaranteeing you rapid and professional support directly from the developers who built the project. Anyone can get a free trial of our full support by simply downloading the trial from our website.

Learn More

We’re thrilled to join the .NET Foundation and to formalize our commitment to the open source future of .NET in this way. It’s a future we strongly believe in, and one which we think will be awesome for developers, so we want to do our part.

Curious to learn more about the .NET Foundation, or even to get involved yourself? Check out their site or dive into the community forum.

To find out more about UI for UWP, you can check it out and contribute on GitHub, or learn all about it here. Lastly, if you want to start a new UWP project, check out this great tutorial by John Bristowe on Getting Started with Telerik UI for UWP.

We can’t wait to see all the great apps that will start popping up in the Windows Store!

Happy coding!

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