Q2 2012 is coming close, so we decided that it’s time to gear you up for all the great goodies that are on their way. Today, we are going to show off one highly requested control in our Public Issue Tracker. As we are the first component vendor to introduce such a control in our WinForms suite and there are no established standards, we had some doubts about the name of the control. However, this is now out of question and here it is: RadAutoCompleteBox.

So, what exactly is RadAutoCompleteBox? RadAutoCompleteBox allows you to easily fill-in tokens of text in a textbox and the aid during writing comes from its auto-complete functionality. This behavior is similar to the “To” field of Outlook and Facebook where you are filling-in the recipients to which you are going to send a new message:

AutoCompleteBox for WinForms by Telerik

As a RadControl derivative, RadAutoCompleteBox will exploit the full power of our theming mechanism, providing you with a set of predefined themes – Office 2010 Blue\Black\Silver, TelerikMetro and many others. Of course, Visual Style Builder is right at your fingertips in case you want to tweak one of the predefined themes or create your own.


The interesting thing about RadAutoCompleteBox is that we had to create a brand new textbox control in order to accommodate the tokens of text that you see above. This would be impossible with the RadTextBox component that we currently have. You would ask “What is the benefit of exposing a new textbox control for me?”. The answer is pretty easy and straightforward. We are regularly receiving requests for introducing a transparent textbox where an image or a gradient background can be shown right behind the textbox control. And here it comes, the new RadTextBoxControl will allow you to enliven your textboxes in Q2 2012. See an example of what you can achieve in just a few seconds:

Transparent TextBox Control for WinForms by Telerik

Stay tuned for more information about the great improvements and innovations that you will find in Q2 2012!

Download RadControls for WinForms by Telerik

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