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Join us for a recap of the latest release of our Telerik UI tools, updated and upgraded to help you develop better apps faster.

Earlier this week, Ed Charbeneau, Sam Basu, and I hosted the R3 2017 release webinar for our Telerik UI tools. We featured everything new in our latest release for Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC, Telerik UI for Xamarin, Telerik UI for WPF, and many more. This blog post provides an overview of the webinar, a recording (in case you missed it), and a summary of the questions (with answers) that were posed during the webinar through #HeyTelerik on Twitter.

Webinar Recording

Don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to watch the webinar. We’ve posted it to YouTube. You can watch it now.

Webinar Prize Winners

What would be a webinar without some cool prizes? Here are the winners of this webinar for asking great questions:

  • Koti Vuppalapati
  • Igor Soyfer
  • Shawn Hosp
  • Jennifer Bartolome
  • Peter Geiter

Congratulations! You’ve won a Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone!

Questions and Answers

We received a wide range of questions during the webinar. Here’s a few of them that we had an opportunity to answer.

Kendo UI for jQuery

Are there plans to include the Material Theme in the jQuery version of Kendo UI?
A Material theme is available Kendo UI for jQuery, Kendo UI for Angular, Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC, and Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core. This theme is a SCSS-based theme for the Kendo UI components which is based on the Material design guidelines.

What is the best way to get trained on Kendo UI and others and leverage the great potential of the product?
We offer training, here’s where you can read more: Kendo UI Training.

Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC

When will this release appear on your private NuGet server?
Our release is available now.

Why RadVirtualGrid doesn’t include built-in filter/sorting like RadGridView?
I would take a look at our virtualization demo with the RadGrid. If that won’t help you achieve what your looking for, please let us know: Feedback & Feature Requests.

Does the new infinite scrolling grid load data periodically similar to the “News Feed” on most social media platforms?
Yes, that’s the idea!

Are these grids updates available only on Kendo UI, or are comparable updates available in the Grid for ASP.NET AJAX for .NET?
They should be pretty close to feature-parity. Since the RadGrid is older, it often has existing features that are “new” to the Grid widget in Kendo UI for jQuery. That stated, we improved accessbility with the RadGrid in the R3 2017 release; we now offer WAI-ARIA support validated by WAVE.

Looking at the new grid, I notice that when clicking delete we still get a standard confirm alert. Will it ever be possible to plug in our own confirm box?
You should be able to use PreventDefault and implement your own dialog. There’s an example in our docs: Customize Confirmation Window.

When using Virtual Scrolling at what point is the Read action executed? Only at the beginning? Or, at page breaks? How much and when is the data sent from the controller to browser?
When the page loads, Read() is called. Upon reaching the end of the page, Read() is called. The page length can be adjusted via property.

For operations with the Grid, what client-side security is possible to prevent attacks?
First, never trust the client. And second, always validate on the server before committing any operations against data. The good news is that you can perform this validation quite easily with Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC since you can control the what happens on the server side.

Is it easier for searching data with the Grid instead of having to tweak the control in order to perform a search after pressing the enter key?
We have several ways to filter the grid. One type allows the enter key to submit the filter. Filtering is one of the Grid’s best features. We’ve made it highly-customizable so you can build the kind of user experience you need.

Can a grid cell be edited like a Spreadsheet? For example, to automatically move the cursor to the next cell when enter key is pressed.
We have many inline and batch editing capabilities. We also added new keyboard shortcuts to Kendo UI for jQuery and Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC for this latest release.

Can you add Drag & Drop controls to Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC?
We have Drag & Drop functionality built into many of our controls. It’s supported through Kendo UI, which is the client-side library used by Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC. Further details about the Keyboard, Section 508 and WAI-ARIA support of Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC extensions can be found in the Accessibility Overview section of the documentation.

Does the Scheduler support CRON inputs?
No. The recurrence rule string for events in the Scheduler follows the RRULE format as outlined in the iCalendar specification (RFC 5545). You’d need a cron parser and converter in order to get this working with the Scheduler.

With Virtual Scrolling and Endless Scrolling, how does the Excel export work?
Great question. Virtual scrolling and endless scrolling operate in similar ways in that they load data on-demand. This means that the Grid will typically have only a subset of the entire underlying data source loaded in its view. When the user exports this data to Excel, only the data contained in the current view will be exported.

Telerik UI for Xamarin

For the busy indicator, what is the default timeout? If we have more data, will it spin until it’s done loading?
The Busy Indicator has a simple IsBusy property that you can turn it on/off programmatically as needed.

Is there anything planned like the Scheduler or the Gantt chart for Telerik UI for Xamarin?
We are talking about it. Please drop us a line: Feedback & Feature Requests. We’ll update the roadmap for Telerik UI for Xamarin very soon.

What packages and/or products do I need from Telerik to use the Xamarin tools?
I’d start with Telerik UI for Xamarin and learning resources from Microsoft such as Xamarin University.

Are you going to support bottom navigation (tabs) for Xamarin Android?
The RadTabView allows developers to create user interfaces similar to the Android tab view (view pager and app bar combo) that can be positioned on all four sides of the parent view (typically of the main view).

If using Xamarin forms, do Windows apps compile to UWP to work on xbox, desktop, and mobile?
Yes. Xamarin.Forms has full UWP support and Telerik UI for Xamarin can light up your apps everywhere.

Is there performance hit using paths in Xamarin vs doing the drawing natively?
It’s minimal. We’re using Skia. Drawing native isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Why is Grid showing as a CTP?
We have many grids, each written ground-up. The one in Telerik UI for Xamarin is new and customized for cross-platform mobile. Hence, the CTP. It should be final soon.

When do you expect the DataGrid in Telerik UI for Xamarin to be fully-released?
Soon. We’ll likely do a couple of updates before final release. ETA R1 2018.

Telerik UI for UWP

How does UWP OSS work? Surely if all source is available then developers could do anything without a proper license?
It is completely free & OSS under MIT licensing. We do offer support. Sharing the love :)

With the recent news about Windows Mobile, is it worth writing UWP apps that target mobile?
I would suggest using Xamarin and Telerik UI for Xamarin if you’re looking to build mobile applications. That stated, UWP and Telerik UI for UWP helps you to build applications that run on all types of Windows-based devices. This includes the Xbox, HoloLens, IoT, and more.

Do you have anything with ink on Windows 10?
We had a demo with our UWP grid at Microsoft Build earlier this year showing how to use ink. Here is the moment from the keynote address where the Grid control was demonstrated with ink support:

Is there something for holographic apps? I know, it’s basicly like a UWP or Xamarin app, but maybe you got something more.
Telerik UI for UWP is open source and works in applications built for HoloLens.

Telerik UI for WPF

When should I use GridView vs (new) VirtualGrid for WPF? Is the GridView going to be replaced in the future with the VirtualGrid?
These controls are similar but they serve two very different purposes. The GridView displays data in a tabular format and supports many operations against this data. It’s ideal for displaying small-to-large sets of data. The VirtualGrid—on the other hand—is best suited for displaying massive data sets with a minimal in-memory footprint. The GridView is here to stay. It’s packed with features and is one of our most popular controls.

Telerik Reporting

We use Telerik Reporting in a WebForms application. Our large reports that have included controls (icons) fail to render. Is there a solution?
This sounds like you have a broken resource somewhere in your application. I’d recommend firing up your browser’s developer tools or Telerik Fiddler. Look for HTTP 404s (File Not Found) occurring for requests in stylesheets or for images. If any 404s are present then you need to resolve them.

What improvements have you made to the Standalone Report Designer in R3?
You’ll find a summary of the improvements we’ve made in the R3 2017 release: Telerik Reporting – Release History.

Did you think about a R interface or integration for your charts?
Nice suggestion! Please drop us a line and let us know what you’d like to see: Feedback & Feature Requests.

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