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I would like to answer a few questions that you might have about our brand new RadScheduleView control.


Q) When is the Silverlight version coming?

A) We will do our best to provide the Silverlight version by the end of the year.

UPDATE: We already published a pre-beta version that can be downloaded in this forum. The Beta is expected in Mid February, the RTM version will be available with Q1 2011 in Mid March.

Q) Why did you create a new control instead of changing the existing RadScheduler?

A) We wanted to address all known issues the old control has – performance, styling and ease of use. Initially we wanted to replace RadScheduler with the new control, but we introduced many API changes and decided that it would be much easier to upgrade if we keep both controls for a while.


Q) What are the new features?

A) Multiple grouping, dragging multiple appointments, exact rendering and custom views, just to name a few. There are also tons of small features and improvements that allow you to customize almost any part of the control – from the time ruler’s ticks to the view definition buttons and the drag-drop behavior.

Q) Why would I want to use RadScheduleView?

A) RadScheduleView is much easier to use and customize. We took into account all of the communication that we had with you during the past few years and created a control that:

- Is very MVVM friendly.

- Is much faster than RadScheduler, especially with large data sources.

- Can have almost any part customized without the need to create a custom theme. In addition, the custom themes are much easier to create because of the greatly reduced XAML size.

- Can group by multiple resources, drag multiple appointments, show the appointments exactly where they are, zoom in and out by both axis, and many more…

Q) I already have an application that uses RadScheduler. How can I upgrade it?

A) We will provide detailed upgrade instructions with Q3 2010. It should be easy enough even without such instructions, so we strongly encourage everyone to try to upgrade with the beta version and provide us with feedback. There is still time to make small improvements in the control that will ease your life!

Q) What is “Exact rendering” or “Precise rendering”?

A) Exact rendering is the ability to place the appointments exactly where they are on the time line, e.g. if an appointment starts at 10:21AM it will be rendered exactly at 10:21AM (the old RadScheduler would render such appointment at 10:15AM)

Q) Where is the Month View?

A) Month View didn’t make it for the Beta, but it will be present in Q3 2010.

Q) Where are the themes?

A) We are still polishing them, hence we included only the default theme in the Beta.

Q) Are you going to add new functionality in RadScheduler?

A) All new requested and already planned features will be added in RadScheduleView, including support for upcoming versions of Silverlight. From now on RadScheduler will receive only minor bug fixes, at least by Q2 2011 (mid 2011).

Q) How long will you keep both controls?

A) For now we will keep RadScheduler in the RadControls installation. After Q2 2011 it will be removed from the installation and will be provided on demand for those of you who didn’t upgraded their applications yet.

We prepared a short survey for the beta testers:

and we will be glad to get your feedback and comments it in the forums:


Best regards,

Valeri Hristov


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