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Telerik Ninja for R1 2021 Release

Happy New Year, fellow developers! We on the Telerik Reporting team are optimistic and believe that 2021 will be much better and it will bring us more happiness, success and many new features of course.

It is again the middle of January which means that the first release for the year for Telerik Reporting and Telerik Report Server is here. It comes with .NET 5 support, next-level Report Engine, upgraded Web Report Designer, as well as some cool improvements and the most requested fixes.

For us, 2021 has a special meaning—Telerik Reporting will celebrate its 15th birthday. During these years of product development, we put enormous efforts into building a complete, feature-rich .NET embedded reporting solution by adding new features and updates ongoingly. And we will keep doing this!

Despite all circumstances and working from home, again, we did our best to turn feature requests that you wished for into reality and to improve our reporting products, so with each release they serve you even better.

Read ahead and see what’s new in Telerik Reporting and Telerik Report Server!

.NET 5 Support for Desktop Viewers and REST Service

Since .NET 5 was officially released recently, we added support for .NET 5 in the WinForms and WPF report viewers. The same applies for the Telerik Reporting REST service which you can use as a remote report generation engine.

We heartily recommend testing our new demos which can be found in the installation folder of Telerik Reporting (C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Telerik Reporting R1 2021\Examples\CSharp by default). We have added example projects that cover .NET 5, .NET Core 3.1 and CORS scenarios to help you to get started with our product.

A picture showing the location of the new Telerik Reporting Demos

Next-Level Report Engine by Reporting and Report Server

Support for Form Type Reports

We have always appreciated your feedback and this feature proves it yet again—we completed one of the most desired requests in our public portal. Two major improvements aid the creation of form type reports:

BackgroundOverlay: A new type of Watermark that positions itself as a bottommost layer on the designed report. Its purpose is to provide visual aid for placing report items on top of an existing document that must be reproduced in a report.

Cross-section item: A new item that allows you to draw vertical line or rectangle across one or more report sections. The item dynamically calculates its height based on the runtime distance between the defined starting and ending section. It also supports multi-page and multi-column scenarios.

Improved Form Type Reports in Telerik Reporting

Dynamic Page Sections Height

Page sections height can now be dynamically changed using bindings. This enables some niche scenarios requested from our users to make the pagination process even more flexible.

Support for SVG Images Using Vector Primitives in PDF

We added industry-leading vector representation of SVG images in PDF documents. This functionality allows you to render SVG files in PDF documents using native PDF graphical primitives that preserve the quality at any zoom level.


Enhanced Web Report Designer

Web Report Designer, featuring an easy-to-use environment, is the latest addition to the report designers’ suite of Telerik Reporting. Again, we put a lot of our efforts on improving the Web Report Designer and closing the gap with the Standalone Desktop Report Designer. Now, the Web Report Designer allows creating or modifying existing reports directly from your web application. You can also use it from the Telerik Report Server which makes editing reports that are hosted on the server much faster.

Table Context Menu Commands

When it comes to this new feature, we added List, Table, and Crosstab cell commands for inserting and deleting columns and rows, adding totals, adding or deleting groups and more. The commands are triggered from the Explorer's context menu for each cell.

The new Table Context Menu Commands available in Telerik Reporting

Visual Studio Item Template

We extended our item templates library with a Web Report Designer entry. For easier integration into web applications, the Visual Studio extension now includes a dedicated New Item template that adds all the necessary project resources and dependencies for you.

And don't forget to join our live Telerik R1 2021 release webinar on January 26th at 11am, as well as our day-long Twitch session on January 29th for all details and major updates!

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Learn More about the Newly Released Features in Telerik Reporting

For a full list of big fixes and new features, feel free to check out the complete release history, and don't forget to share your feedback in the comments below or in Feedback Portal.

Want to try Telerik Reporting?

Telerik Reporting is a complete, easy-to-use, and powerful .NET embedded reporting tool for web and desktop applications that support: Blazor, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX, HTML5/JS, Angular, React, Vue, WPF, WinForms and UWP. Also available as a part of our Telerik DevCraft bundles, Reporting allows you to create, style, view, and export rich, interactive, and reusable reports to attractively present analytical and any business data. Add reports to any business application through report viewer controls. Export the ready reports in more than 15 formats. Download a FREE trial today.

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