We’re busy adding a lot of great features to the latest Report Server, including white labeling. To get them done right, we have decided to delay our release.

Telerik Report Server is packed with the tools you need to manage your reports from a simple, easy interface—and we’re committed to continually making it better. We’ve got some big plans for our next release, and to make sure we do them right, we’ve made the decision to delay our release until March 1st.

We know that many of you were expecting an update sooner, so we wanted to share a taste of the new features we’ll be adding. We think you’ll find they’re worth the wait.

White Labeling Support for Your Reports

“White labeling” refers to the ability to customize a product or service you have purchased from another company with your own personal logo and brand identity. That means that when you are generating reports from Report Server to distribute to your clients and partners or for promotional materials, it will now be clearly associated with your specific brand.

This can help you quickly establish your brand to generate loyalty and exposure, while delivering a feature-rich product that we fully support. White labeling offers many advantages and we’re excited to bring it to Report Server.

Extended APIs to Support User Role Management

Report Server already features extensive user management, with built-in roles and flexible permission levels. In the next release, we’ll extend the server APIs to support user, user roles and permissions management, giving you the flexibility to control these assets directly from your code.

Don’t Wait—Get Started Today

While these features aren’t here yet, there’s no need to wait to try out Report Server and realize the benefits of a truly comprehensive Line of Business (LOB) report management solution. Report Server is designed to be lightweight but include powerful functionality, like user management, scheduling, data alerts, very flexible report creation, an exposed API and more.

You can learn more about Report Server in our free getting started whitepaper. When you’re ready, you can check it out with a free 30-day trial—and if you’re ready to buy, note that all licenses include a year’s worth of updates, so you’ll be the first to receive the best new features when they’re complete.

About the Author

Galina Jordanowa

Galia is a Product Marketing Manager for Telerik Reporting, Telerik Report Server and Telerik DevCraft at Progress. She has 18+ years in marketing, improving the sales, performance and reputation of a great number of international companies. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, psychology, mountain climbing and music.

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