For those of you that attended the What’s New for Desktop Developers in Q2 2011 Release Webinar, thank you for attending!  For those that didn’t get to attend (or for those of you that want to go back through it since it was jam packed with information), the recording worked perfectly, and I will be posting it to Telerik TV in the next 48 hours! 

Several people attending the webinar asked for the source code for my project that I created to demo the features as well as the powerpoint slides, and you can get them both here (slide deck, code samples and database backup). I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the RADControls for Windows Forms ships with an extremely robust sample application that shows off all of the controls, complete with source code!  There is also a separate sample application that demonstrates the RADRichTextEditor, and I encourage you to look into those samples for much more robust usages of the controls.

For more information on the RADControls for Windows Forms and all of our other great controls and tools (did you know we make more than just components?), please start your journey at

Happy Coding!

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