• .NET

    Data Validation with IDataErrorInfo

    Add an implementation of IDataErrorInfo to your entities with a single checkbox! Use the interface to communicate the data validation results to the UI controls with minimum efforts.
  • .NET

    Reporting or Control Suites – What to use when – Part 1

    It's a tough decision to know when it is best to use a reporting solution or when it's better to use a control suite. In part 1 of the series, we go over some of the high-level criteria that can help you along in your decision then dive into a control suite sample using live data and the RadChartView control for WinForms.
  • .NET

    RadChart for WinForms is obsolete. Now what?

    The following message prompts when you run your RadChart for WinForms-enabled project against the latest version of Telerik's WinForms toolkit: 'Telerik.WinControls.UI.RadChart' is obsolete: 'RadChart is obsolete. Please use RadChartView instead.' I know that a lot of questions come to your mind at this very moment. “What happens now? What does RadChartView supports? How do I upgrade to RadChartView? Can my current RadChart implementation stay in my project?”. Read more to find out what the present and future hold for RadChart and RadChartView.
  • Testing & ALM Mobile

    Finding the .NET Assembly Entry Point

    A fan of JustDecompile has created the first, purely user-created, plugin: GoToEntryPoint. Chris uses it to help Carey find the code she's looking for.
  • Company News

    What’s cooking for DevTools for .NET Q2 2013?

    Q1 is already behind our back and we took the time right after it to sit down and carefully think about our next steps. We were trying to answer questions like where we want to be in Q2, what the main customer scenarios are, how we can help our customers achieve those scenarios, how we can use our resources in the most efficient way, who we’re targeting, etc. As a result we outlined a comprehensive plan including tons of significant improvements and new features as well as major new initiatives that will take Telerik DevCraft to another level in Q2 2013.