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    Gauges design-time gallery for Windows Phone

    The Beta 2 release of our Windows Phone controls is here, it brings a bag of improvements to the existing controls and one of these improvements is a design-time gallery for the gauges. The need for a design-time gallery arose when we were creating the examples in our QSF application. It turned out that creating a full gauge design was more tedious than it looked at first. The gauges have a lot of functionality to tweak and this directly translates to a lot of XAML. After the first two or three implemented designs we thought "Oh my, we have to do something about writing...
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    RadDatePicker & RadTimePicker for WP7 get null-value support

    You’ve talked and we’ve listened: as of Beta 2 release of RadControls for Windows Phone 7 the RadTimePicker and RadDatePicker controls support null-value. In other words, you will be able to set the current value to null and display a custom message to your users informing them that there is no value selected in the control at the time: this.radTimePicker1.Value = null; this.radTimePicker1.EmptyContent = "Select time";   There are also two additional properties which are used in this context: EmptyContent – defining the content that will be displayed to the user when there is no value selected in the control EmptyContentTemplate – defining how the empty content will...
    March 02, 2011
  • .NET Mobile

    Integrating your Windows Phone unit tests with MSBuild #5: The Web Service

    It’s been a while since the last blog on this topic but it’s for good: we have been heavily working on our upcoming Beta 2 release. The amount of feedback we received from you was extremely valuable and we managed to address many issues and make our suite more polished than ever. Keep in touch since the official release is coming and we’re very excited to share with you what we wouldn’t practically achieve without your support. Now back on the topic; essentially, this blog covers the last technical aspect of the whole WP7 Unit Test Automation Infrastructure with the last blog...
    February 24, 2011
  • .NET Mobile

    RadDataBoundListBox: Blending UI Virtualization & Smooth Scrolling together

    While developing our QSF application (available on the WP7 Marketplace under the name Telerik RadControls) one of our main goals was to combine our Metro design inspiration and the WP7 OS performance thus creating the ultimate Windows Phone user experience. I must admit that we faced some challenges way back then which greatly expanded our WP7 knowledge, and helped us introduce further performance and memory footprint optimizations in our latest Beta 1 release of our suite. One of the heavily utilized controls in this application is the ListBox control available in the standard Windows Phone toolbox. While this control brings great...
    February 17, 2011
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    Integrating your Windows Phone unit tests with MSBuild #4: The WP7 Unit Test Application

    All of you that have been following my blog series about our automated approach for WP7 unit test execution may have noticed that the last couple of weeks I did not manage to publish since I mainly focused on the preparations around our upcoming Beta 1 release. Although a bit late, this blog comes together with a very solid and exciting version of RadControls for Windows Phone 7 that will bring to you a bunch of new controls and tools to play with so keep in touch to see what’s under the hood. With this blog I am going to introduce...
    February 04, 2011