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    Introducing Design-Time Gallery for RadChart for Windows 8/XAML

    We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the RadChart design-time gallery feature that is part of our latest RadControls for Windows 8 XAML Q2 2013 release. Some of you that have used our charting components for the other XAML platforms are probably familiar with the concept and would be happy to hear that we have now incorporated the same visual tooling and productivity boost to our Windows 8 XAML control as well.
    June 24, 2013
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    Meet RadCalendar for Windows 8 XAML

    It is our pleasure to announce the newest RadControls for Windows 8 XAML member – RadCalendar. Following all the principles and design patterns of the modern UI, RadCalendar will deliver flexibility and style to your Windows Store applications.
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    RadCalendar for Windows 8 HTML

    This blog post introduces the new addition to the RadControls for Windows 8 HTML suite - the RadCalendar control. The control supports many features, which allow developers to build simple and complex Windows Store Apps that can benefit from an intuitive, usable and touch-optimized UI for picking dates, from booking applications to todo lists.
  • Mobile JavaScript

    Data Storage for Windows Store Apps - a Walkthrough

    With the Q2 Release of RadControls for Windows 8 we announced a new Data Storage framework that fills the gap of a local database solution missing in Windows 8/RT. Our solution is based on the well-established SQLite engine but provides additional functionality. Particularly, we implemented a LINQ to SQLite provider and some simple ORM features for the .NET Framework on top of it. On the JavaScript and HTML 5 side, the ORM capabilities are wrapped by a lightweight library which allows JavaScript developers to take advantage of the local database storage using JS objects and standard SQL expressions.
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    TechEd 2013–Great Conversations, Speaker Idol, Channel 9, and Best of Tech Ed 2013

    Guess who won best of TechEd? Telerik did, that's who! Also, Jeff Fritz was runner up for Speaker Idol, and a great interview on Channel 9. Read all about TechEd and Telerik here!
    June 07, 2013