• Testing & ALM Mobile

    Telerik Mobile Testing – Web Case Study

    A case study showing how to automate a mobile Web application with Telerik Mobile Testing.
  • Testing & ALM

    Introducing Telerik Mobile Testing

    Telerik Mobile Testing is an automated functional testing solution developed at Telerik. It allows developers to write automated functional tests in JavaScript using a set of APIs we devised to make the process as easy as possible. This blog entry will introduce you to some of what it has to offer.
    February 20, 2014
  • .NET Mobile Web Kendo UI

    Asset Management, the Status Quo and Areas Of Opportunity

    Why do we organize assets the way we do? It must be rooted in tradition. Back when the internets were first getting started, and the world wide web was at version “1.0”, we just didn’t have that many .css or .js files to organize. So we put all our .css files in a public directory called “assets/css” and all our .js files in a public directory called “assets/js”, and we were done ... but there must be a better way.
    June 06, 2013
  • .NET Mobile

    Output Caching and Telerik Extensions for MVC

    When we pushed out Telerik TV, we ran into an interesting style issue.  We were using output caching on our index page to save the server a little work.  However, sometimes when a user navigated to tv.telerik.com/home it would look like this: This problem would only manifest itself on the production server, and shockingly there were no errors! By looking at the source of the page we quickly realized that neither the StyleSheetRegistrar, nor the ScriptRegistrar were outputting anything at all.  This made it clear that the Render method on the StyleSheetRegistrar / ScriptRegistrar was not firing, or something was causing them...
    September 15, 2010