• Testing & ALM

    The Importance of Wireframes in Application Design

    Recently, I joined efforts with two of my good friends and fellow Telerik Evangelists Michael Crump and Jesse Liberty to jointly build an application that would run on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Michael will do the Windows Phone development, Jesse Windows 8 with C# and XAML, and I will tackle the WinJS version. Jesse did a great job of outlining the goals of the application and the initial wireframes of the application in his post on the project kick off. I want to focus on the value of using Wireframes in application design.
    December 04, 2012
  • .NET Mobile

    There’s a Tool for That: 13 Essential Tools for the Ninja Web Developer

    When I am not hacking code, I can usually be found tinkering with cars.  I have been working on cars for a long time, and have acquired quite a collection of tools along the way.  It’s safe to say I love tools much to my fiancée’s dismay. =)   In this blog I highlight a few tools I find useful for web development, and best of all, almost all of them are completely free! General Tools Fiddler Fiddler is one of the best HTTP debugging tools available today. It can be used any time you want to capture all HTTP traffic between your computer, and...