• Web .NET

    Infographic: Who is the .NET Developer of 2016?

    .NET developer survey report
    This infographic presents a small selection of data from our 2016 .NET Developer Survey conducted in January/February 2016. We surveyed more than 1,000 .NET developers on topics ranging from technology adoption to favorite tools and learning habits.
  • Web .NET

    .NET Productivity Tools You Might Be Missing Out On

    .NET developer productivity
    Our recent survey of over 1,000 .NET developers unveiled some surprisingly overlooked productivity tools. In this article, I’ll walk you through them and explain why and when you might want to use them. If you’re looking for some low hanging productivity fruit, read on.
  • .NET Desktop

    Survey Report: Who is the .NET Developer of 2016?

    .NET developer survey report
    The 2016 .NET Developer Community Report sheds light on popular technology choices by platform, web, desktop and mobile, as well as developer attitudes towards the latest in the ecosystem.
  • .NET Testing

    The Unexpected Truth About UI Test Automation Pilot Projects: A Survey Report

    We wanted to gain a better understanding of what it takes to be successful in the UI test automation field, so we can better guide our customers on a path to success with their automation projects. That’s why we decided to do this survey. Our goal was to explore the first steps teams in the field of automated functional testing take, as well as where they are today with their automation efforts and what helped them get there.
    November 20, 2014
  • .NET

    The Survey Results are In!

    I put out a survey about two weeks ago to ask you what controls you want to see in upcoming RadTips episodes. The 155 responses I received were spread fairly evenly, but it looks like the controls you are most interested in learning more about are the RadGrid, RadAjax, OpenAccessDataSource, & RadInputManager controls. Thanks to all who participated in the survey. Keep an eye out on my blog in the coming weeks as I start to deliver new RadTips that help you squeeze all the functionality out of these controls. If you have any specific features that you'd like to see me...
    December 05, 2008