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    New Profiler View Added in OpenAccess ORM for Q3 2011

    In Q2 2011 we introduced the Profiling and Tuning advisor, which makes it easier than ever for developers using OpenAccess ORM to see what is going on behind the scenes.  In this release we are happy to expand on the profiler by introducing improved UI features, and a new Metrics view.  The new view makes it easy for developers, and system administrators, to keep an eye on the health of an application.  It displays metrics like committed transactions, rollbacks, connection pool health, and second level cache health.  All of these metrics can be displayed with almost no performance impact on the application due...
    November 20, 2011
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    Telerik OpenAccess ORM NuGet Packages for Code First Development

    We have a lot of exciting new features available in the Q3 2011 release of OpenAccess ORM.  Among my favorite additions are our awesome NuGet packages. These packages make it even easier to get started building a domain model using OpenAccess ORM’s fluent mapping, or code first, API. In this release we have added two NuGet packages to the NuGet repository. When these packages are added to a project, it will be configured automatically to work with Telerik OpenAccess ORM Free Edition.  Let’s take a look at these great new additions to OpenAccess. The Packages The OpenAccess.CodeFirst package sets up the project for code...
    November 16, 2011
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    New and Updated OpenAccess ORM Resources Available

    As we are constantly trying to make the Telerik OpenAccess ORM learning resources and documentation better and easier to use, we have made some changes that you might find very useful. Getting Started Videos Recently we released two sets of entry level videos on working with Telerik OpenAccess ORM. You can choose your scenario between Database First or Model First approach the short series of 2-3 videos will guide you from creating your model to updating your changes to/from the database. Check them out and don't forget to LIKE them. Feel free to post some feedback about your learning experience either here or in YouTube! Online...
    October 20, 2011
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    Project Templates in Telerik OpenAccess ORM

    As we mentioned in our recent post we added new project templates to Telerik OpenAccess ORM, making it easier than ever to get an application up and running. In this blog we will take a look at each of the new templates, see what they provide, and see how you can leverage them with other Telerik Components. Using the Templates These templates are for .NET 4.0; so when adding a new project make sure that .NET Framework 4 is selected in the drop down above the project template list. Web Site Template To make it easier for developers using Web Site projects, we added a...
    September 27, 2011
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    Bend Telerik OpenAccess ORM to Your Will With Type Converters – Part 1

    In Q1 2011, Telerik OpenAccess ORM introduced a flexible type conversion system. This type conversion system allows developers to instruct OpenAccess on how to map types that it may not support out of the box. This feature makes it possible for OpenAccess to work with built in UDTs, such as SQL Spatial and XML, as well as any custom UDTs developers create. What is a User Defined Type? SQL Server 2005 introduced user-defined types (UDTs). UDTs extend the SQL type system by allowing you to store objects and custom data structures in a SQL Server database. UDTs can contain multiple data types...
    September 20, 2011