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    Client-Side Hierarchical DataBinding to OData with RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX

    If you haven't heard, Odata is a Web protocol that exposes your data to the Web, allowing consumers to make queries through a set of URI parameters. RadGrid, Telerik's ASP.NET AJAX Grid control features a rich client-side API that enables you to easily bind to OData services and have all the paging, sorting and filtering done without ever posting the page to the server. That is all fine if your data is flat. Binding to hierarchical data, however, is another story. RadGrid officially supports hierarchical databinding on the server only. But let's go unofficial for a while. In this blog post we'll demonstrate an approach for detail table databinding...
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    AJAX Series Part 3: Advanced Techniques – Performance, Theming, Cloud Deployment

    The third, and final, episode of the ASP.NET AJAX webinar series took place yesterday. Much like with the first to webinars I wanted to make sure that I followed the webinar with a blog post containing all of the questions asked during the presentation, as well as a link to all of the recorded webinars. You can find a list of the questions asked below, and as always if your exact question is not found here then it’s due to a duplicate (or very similar) question. Q&A Can the RadAjaxManager support partial post back that appends new controls to the page? ...
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    Shields Up! Web Service abstraction with Kendo UI

    When we last looked at the Kendo UI Data Source, we discovered that it could help simplify the process of talking to OData web service end points. By simply setting the "type" property to "odata," the Kendo UI data source automatically handles the nuances of talking...
    August 25, 2011
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    AJAX Series Part 2: Moving to the Client – Using jQuery and OData with Third-party Controls

    Part two of the webinar series occurred yesterday and, just like with the first one, I wanted to follow up with a blog post answering all of the questions that came up. I also wanted to thank everyone that attended, you guys were great and were very attentive (as I saw after reading the chat logs regarding my initial Eval statement!). Your exact question might not be included here, but that’s just due to a duplicate (or very similar) question. You can find all the answers to the questions below: Will this code be made available for download the webinar? ...
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    Cross-Domain Queries to OData Services with jQuery

    As more application code moves from the server to the client, it's increasingly common to use JavaScript to load JSON data that lives on a different domain. Traditionally, this cross-domain (or more accurately, cross-origin) querying is blocked by browser security, but there is a popular technique...
    August 24, 2011