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The third, and final, episode of the ASP.NET AJAX webinar series took place yesterday. Much like with the first to webinars I wanted to make sure that I followed the webinar with a blog post containing all of the questions asked during the presentation, as well as a link to all of the recorded webinars. You can find a list of the questions asked below, and as always if your exact question is not found here then it’s due to a duplicate (or very similar) question.


  • Can the RadAjaxManager support partial post back that appends new controls to the page?
    This is indeed possible. The partial postbacks of the RadAjaxManager can be added at runtime by adding items to the control’s RadAjaxSettings. For more information I recommend reading over this documentation article.
  • Can we implement the code in this application for other uses?
    You sure can! This application’s main purpose is to show how you can create a modern web application using various techniques. These can then in turn be implemented fairly easily into an application you might already be developing. Keep in mind that if you want to use the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX a license will be required.
  • What will the next webinar series be?
    Good question! There has been quite a bit of feedback regarding other topics to cover so we will have to figure out which topics make the most sense, and when do to the series, before we can officially decide on what the next webinar series will be about. Keep an eye out on the Telerik website, as well as twitter, to be the first to know about future webinar series.
  • When will we get the source code?
    The source code is currently being cleaned up a bit, but will be available later this week.
  • Why do you use Firefox as opposed to IE?
    Mostly due to personal preference. I have been using FF for quite some time now and naturally tend to use it for most of my day-to-day items, including webinars. The application, as well as our RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, will work in IE, Chrome, Opera and Safari.
  •  Can I use the default ASP.NET AjaxManager in place of Telerik?
    There is no default AjaxManager for ASP.NET which makes the RadAjaxManager and even better tool! If you are referring to the RadScriptManager and the default ScriptManager then yes, you can use the default ScriptManager instead of the RadScriptManager. Keep in mind that the RadScriptManager is a superset of the default ScriptManager and comes with some additional performance features.
  • Are there any new RadControls coming out soon?
    We have a public roadmap for our Q3 2011 release published right here, which will provide you with a full list of new controls and features which are coming out with the next release.
  • Why are the names of the license winners not published?
    Due to privacy reasons I do not want to publish the names of the winners, but so far all the winners of the licenses have been contacted within 48 hours of each webinar.
  • Does part three mean I missed part one and two?
    Unfortunately yes it does. However, you can very easily access all of the webinars on Telerik TV. You can find the first webinar right here, and the second one here.
  • In a non-HTML5 browser would your header, nav, footer elements not show?
    For non-HTML5 browsers those tags would not show, and depending on the browser the elements inside might not in the DOM as well. For the sake of this application I recommend using FF4+, IE9 and Chrome 10+.

Webinar Recording

This webinar was also recorded and has now been uploaded to Telerik TV. Follow this link to see all of the awesome content that we went through during the webinar. In case you missed the first two episodes you can follow the links below.

Here are the important links, just in case you missed them:

Part 1 on Telerik TV
Part 2 on Telerik TV
Part 3 on Telerik TV

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