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    A Day At The SPA With kendo.Layout

    On my last visit to the SPA, I introduced the new kendo.View and showed some of the use cases and API calls for it. This second visit will include a weekend package with a room, and a relaxation session with DOM replacement therapy. I'll introduce the kendo.Layout and show how it enhances the massage techniques of the kendo.View.
  • .NET Desktop

    TechEd 2011: What to expect from RadControls from WinForms

    TechEd 2011 is at full swing and we are sure that you want to know more about the latest innovations that we, the WinForms team, are preparing for you. As the WinForms Roadmap suggests, we are currently working on the RadListView control, and we have created a new built-for-the-purpose reference application that features the new component - Telerik MovieLab. We will be showcasing the new application together with MSAA support, so come to booth #409 and see what's new: RadListView will support the features of the standard ListView control, plus many more. One of the key features that you will be able to notice immediately...
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    Roadmap: ListView and PropertyGrid controls Coming to RadControls for WinForms in Q2 2011

    With the release of RadControls for WinForms Q1 2011 SP1, we officially completed the Q1 2011 release, and it is time to pave our way towards Q2 2011. The first thing we did, of course, was to schedule the tasks for the release and we think that it is time to share our plans for Q2 2011. Among all the goodies that the new release will feature, the most important are two new controls: Property Grid. This powerful control will provide a sophisticated Visual Studio-style property grid, and will allow for theming and customizations. Developers will be able to easily create...