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    WPF/ Silverlight: RadGauge Layout Composition

    Today I would like to highlight one of the newest controls added to the WPF / Silverlight control suites in November – the RadGauge control. RadGauge combines its rich assortment of radial, linear and numeric gauge types with very flexible layout composition abilities thus allowing you to attain a new level of data visualization quickly and easily. Let us discuss the basics of the layout composition and how it is implemented in the gauge control. There are three levels of controls that participate in the layout: RadGauge LinearGauge / RadialGauge LinearScale / RadialScale / NumericScale   RadGauge is the top level class but as far as the control...
    December 19, 2008
  • .NET

    RadGauge for WPF

    As announced by Vladimir RadControls for WPF FUTURES suite is out and we already started to get your feedback. Vladimir and Todd have already drawn you attention to RadChart for WPF, so I decided to show you RadGauge -- another product from the same suite. You wouldn't be surprised to know that RadGauge will allow you to visualize various measurements in completely customizable manner. Here are some of the main features: Linear scales - RadGauge offers linear scales, the length or the position of the indicator over a line/bar will measure the value. There can be 4 types of indicators - elements, that point to a...
    August 07, 2008