• .NET Mobile

    Filtering Options for Your Telerik ASP.NET AJAX PivotGrid

    RadPivotGrid’s development is gathering momentum and Q3 brings along a major improvement: our pivot grid control for Asp.Net Ajax already comes equipped with a powerful filtering mechanism. Let’s look straight into what this new feature offers. Filtering in RadPivotGrid supports three modes: report, label and value. 1. Report filters Report filters are applied on fields that do not participate in the grouping of the data but are still present in the underlying data source:   So, for example, let’s suppose that your data items grouped by RadPivotGrid feature a Category property with 100 unique values. Furthermore, your manager needs a report where the data should be grouped...
  • .NET

    Custom Filtering with RadGridView for Silverlight

    As you may already know, RadGridView received a "filtering" boost with our latest release. As a developer, you are no longer stuck with the default filtering user interface. With the introduction of the Custom Filtering Controls feature, you can easily craft the filtering control of your dreams. In this blog post I will try to explain what are the steps needed to achieve this by creating a fully-functional custom control. Although the control is tailored to a specific scenario, it can be used as a reference implementation for developing any kind of custom control. Finally, I would strongly suggest having the source...
    November 20, 2009