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    3 Keys to Increasing Project Profits. Part 2

    We are now on to Part 2 of this three part series on ways to increase or protect the profitability of the projects we manage. In Part 1 we examined the obvious area of budget management and ways we can handle the project budget, analysis and forecast to protect and possibly even increase the project’s profitability. In this Part 2, I’m going to discuss resource management and ways we can best manage our resource to keep our projects as profitable as possible. In Part 2 of this three-part series on increasing project profitability, we’ll examine the role of effective resource ...
    August 16, 2013
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    3 Keys to Increasing Project Profits

    Through experience I’ve found that project success is usually determined by one or more of three factors – on time delivery, on budget delivery, and overall customer satisfaction (which is often based somewhat on the other two factors and many other things we may or may not be in control of).
    August 15, 2013
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    Agile Interview with Hala Saleh

    This is our forth interview of our brand new series of Agile Interviews with agile influencers. Our previous interviews were with Joel Semeniuk, Stephen Forte, and Elizabeth Harrin If you have any questions for Hala, please submit them in the comments section below. There is an agile influencer you think we should interview? Please share them also as a comment below. Would you please introduce yourself? My name is Hala Saleh, and I am currently an agile project management consultant with both Certified Scrum Master and Project Management Professional certifications. I coach and work with agile teams and ...
    August 01, 2013
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    It Only Takes One Change Order

    If you're like me you hate to give the project customer bad news. Especially if things seem to be going well on the project. If they aren't, then what's one more bit of bad news? You can probably just clump it in with the next round of bad stuff you have to show them or issues you have to bring to their attention. But if the project is running smoothly, then introducing bad news to the customer at any point can be painful...something you wish to avoid if at all possible. Scope issues = be careful However, when you play ...
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    How to Enable Agile Adoption in Your Organization

    For years I’ve been lecturing and writing about the process of adopting Agile. Specifically, I’ve been promoting a model that Stephen Forte and I call the “Agile Buffet” where change, in this case the usage of Agile practices on a team, is pulled into the team incrementally based on real observable needs.