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    The Importance of Measuring Iteration Velocity and Capacity for Agile Planning

    When iteratively planning an Agile project where the team partitions work into timeboxed iterations, understanding capacity is very important. Planning an iteration is very much like using a bucket to scoop water out of a pool, where the pool represents the complete set of backlog items on your project and the bucket represents the amount of work that can be accomplished in a single iteration. Understanding how much water a bucket holds will give you an idea of how many buckets are required to empty the pool. Similarly, understanding how much work your team can deliver in an iteration will ...
    September 25, 2013
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    The Importance of Prioritizing and Sizing Your Backlog for Agile Planning

    Prioritized and Sized Backlog For agile planning to work, you must have a prioritized and sized (estimated) backlog. A prioritized backlog is simply a list of work that needs to get done that is ordered by priority. Essentially, the work at the top of the list is the most important and should be done first. In many cases, customers have a difficult time prioritizing lists of features, however, this makes the prioritized backlog even more important to produce. Another requirement of this backlog is that each of the items must be sized, which is another way of saying that the ...
    September 18, 2013
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    3 plus 1 Awesome Features in TeamPulse You Probably Don’t Know About

    In the last release we made some major improvements in TeamPulse so it can provide smoother experience on mobile devices. Now it’s even easier to track your work from your iPad or your smartphone. TeamPulse on your tablet We have done a lot of performance and UX improvements for mobile device. As a result you now got a faster board and list view, better search, quick add and activity stream, and more. While you would experience those for yourself, we wanted to share with you some tips and tricks on how to make your life easier when working with TeamPulse ...
    September 17, 2013
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    How to Ensure You Are Doing Proper Acceptance Criteria Testing?

    The importance of requirements Requirements are the lifeblood of the project.  I need to establish first and foremost. Good, detailed requirements will carry the project team through to the end of a successful project more times than not.  And that’s a good thing because more projects actually fail than succeed.  However, weak or incomplete requirements will not – resulting in countless hours of rework, scope creep that can drive any project manager crazy trying to manage and maintain control over, and the potential for many change orders that will upset the most satisfied project customer quickly making them wish they had never brought their project needs to you in ...
    September 16, 2013
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    The Importance of Timeboxing and Iterations for Agile Planning

    (In this blog post we share the first two of the areas that we address in our new free ebook called Ultimate Agile Planning Handbook) Timebox – Everything Timeboxing refers to the act of putting strict time boundaries around an action or activity. For example, you may want to timebox a meeting to be 30 minutes long to help ensure that the meeting will begin and end on time with no exceptions. When you timebox an event the result is a natural tendency to focus on the most important “stuff” first. If you time box a meeting, you would ...
    September 11, 2013