In the last release we made some major improvements in TeamPulse so it can provide smoother experience on mobile devices. Now it’s even easier to track your work from your iPad or your smartphone.

TeamPulse on your tablet

We have done a lot of performance and UX improvements for mobile device. As a result you now got a faster board and list view, better search, quick add and activity stream, and more. While you would experience those for yourself, we wanted to share with you some tips and tricks on how to make your life easier when working with TeamPulse on your tablet:

  • Tap once on an item to select it on the board or list view.
  • Tap once and hold an item on the board or list view to start dragging.
  • Double-tap on an item to see its full details

TeamPulse on Tablet

TeamPulse on Tablet II

TeamPulse on your smartphone

We have implemented new responsive styles that improved the user experience on devices with small displays such as smartphones. The board view is transformed in an “accordion view”, so you can easily navigate through the board “columns”.

Using TeamPulse on your cell phone might be a very good idea if you are developing mobile or web applications as you can attach screenshots directly from your phone or tablet – just click Attach Picture, select the screenshot and voilà!


TeamPulse on SmartPhone      TeamPulse on SmartPhone II

TeamPulse on paper

The new HTML5 interface provides nice and clean print-friendly styles. You can print items, boards, lists, iteration status, timesheet or any other screen and use it in your report or presentation. 

TeamPulse on Paper

TeamPulse on Paper II

Note that printing background colors and images is disabled by default in most browsers. You can easily enable this option and get the following result:

TeamPulse on Paper III

Have fun with TeamPulse

We believe that having fun at work is important, this is why we did a little surprise for the TeamPulse users when they get lost – our new 404 page is actually an HTML5 based “breakout” game that you can have fun with on desktop or mobile device.

Keyboard support:

  • [Enter] – Start game
  • [Left arrow] – Move paddle to the left
  • [Right arrow] – Mode paddle to the right
Touch support:
  • [Double tap] – Start game
  • [Single tab] – Move the paddle

You can also use the device’s accelerometer to move the paddle.

TeamPulse 404

If you haven't tried TeamPulse yet, try it now?

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