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    7 Must-have Features When Choosing an Agile Management Tool [Whitepaper]

    There is an overabundance of tools on the market today. Some of these tools span across various landscape areas of development processes where some tool choices only target specific areas. “The application development software market will grow modestly through 2015, when it will reach $10.1 billion in revenue. New applications, consumption models, devices and developers are driving evolution of the AD space.” Gartner Market Trends: Application Development Software, Worldwide, 2011-2015 To save you time and effort we have compiled 7 of the most important characteristics that organizations should consider when investing in tooling that supports their Agile management practices and teams. ...
    February 27, 2012
  • People

    What to do when team members go dark, aka the problem with “Fine”

    We’ve all heard it in our personal relationships, whether it’s a partner, parent, or child. You ask a question, and the dreaded answer comes – “Fine”.What’s wrong with that answer, you ask?
    February 23, 2012
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    At a Single Glance - Interpreting and Acting Upon Agile Project Metrics

    At a single glance. That’s what it should take to know when something isn’t right on your projects. Knowing that something is wrong with your project should be as easy as glancing at a visual indicator. You shouldn’t have to interpret anything. You shouldn’t have to be an expert in metrics or project analysis. You should easily be able to tell that something isn’t right … with a single glance. Monitor and control systems have been around since the dawn of innovation. We see these types of systems all over industry – simple and intuitive displays representing the health of ...
    February 09, 2012
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    [Podcast] Getting Started with Joel Semeniuk and Stephen Forte

    In this episode, I speak with Joel Semeniuk and Stephen Forte on how they got started down the path of agile.
    February 07, 2012
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    Scope, Schedule, and Resources – You can’t have them all

    Imagine the scene.  You are starting a new project.  At the kickoff meeting the stakeholder introduces the mission of the project, the business analyst hands out the requirements document, the project manager hands out the project plan, and the development manager gives his best “Do it for the Gipper” speech.  You look through the project plan and see that it specifies a release date (several months in the future), the resources that will be involved, major milestones to be met, and everyone’s assignments. The team looks over the stack of paper in front of them, and roll their eyes. “Here we...
    February 03, 2012