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Along with the numerous updates that are coming up with the Q2.2009 version of RadChart for WPF/SL, we are going to introduce significant improvements of the way our horizontal axis handles user data. Actually, a bunch of new features will make the horizontal axis much more intelligent and easy to use.

First of all, the horizontal axis will be able to properly handle "X" value data! As soon as a DataPoint with meaningful "X" value is received, the horizontal axis will enter "strict" mode and will place it appropriately.


To make this possible we also implemented the following supporting features:

  1. Automatic range calculation - given in "strict" mode, the horizontal axis is able to calculate its MinValue and MaxValue such as no data is left behind. Of course, this behavior can be switched off with setting the AutoRange property to false. In this case, the MinValue, MaxValue and Step properties of the axis should be manually set.
  2. Automatic step calculation - when in "strict" mode with AutoRange enabled, the horizontal axis is able to dynamically increase/decrease the number of ticks on resize, resulting in more precise data presentation and better readability.

Another set of useful properties will also be available:

  1. LabelStep - this property instructs the axis that when LabelStep equals n, only one out of n ticks should be visible.
  2. IsZeroBased - when set to true this property makes the horizontal axis always start at 0. 


That's it for now. Stay tuned!



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