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Easy access to your data and reports helps you save time and be more productive - which is why that's a focus of ours with Telerik Report Server.

We all live in times where there are so many things we need to do, we often forget something important or that we need a little time for ourselves, to take a deep breath and see the wonderful world around us. In such a busy life, time management is of high importance. The need to optimize processes and tasks is something that we on the Telerik Report Server team understand, which is why we made it a goal to improve the Scheduling and Data Alert mechanisms of generating and sending reports, so that you can save time for what matters most.

Batch of Reports

The first big improvement that we made is the possibility to add more than one report to a Scheduled Task or Data Alert.

For example, you can create a task with a list of Dashboard reports, with Parameters from different years. When the task is executed, it will send you an email with all generated data and reports. One task, one email, and all the information needed - instead of creating a separate task for each year and receiving multiple emails.

Batch of Reports

With that improvement, it is only natural to make the Data Alert’s Rules more flexible, by giving you the ability to change the Data Alert Report, which defines the DataItem and the conditions which the report data should satisfy in order for the alert to get triggered. It is as easy as counting to three. Just open the edit window, navigate to the Rules tab and select the desired report.

Rules tab

Customizable Mail Templates

We know that each report has its list of subscribers, who will receive the created documents as mail attachments. Now, there are two types – an existing Report Server user or an external user represented by an e-mail. As an enhancement of the above, we added the ability to send different emails to both user types for each individual Scheduled Task / Data Alert.

Customizable mail templates

Furthermore, each email template is customizable by adding different report variables to the email template, which will be replaced automatically when the task or alert is executed:

Mail template variables

BONUS: A Hint for Webhooks

Apart from all those convenient improvements, I want to give you a little tip that will help you easily retrieve created documents from a Scheduled Task or Data Alert with Webhooks.

After configuring and adding a Webhook, you can listen for the Webhook notification on the provided URL, which is sent when the task or alert runs. Retrieve the rendered document ID from the notification data, which you can use to make a call to the Report Server API directly via the endpoint (Scheduled task or Data Alerts), or create a call using the Report Server API Client which would look like this:




Additional examples of using the API client can be found in our documentation.

Try it Out and Share Feedback

We want to know what you think—you can download a free trial of Telerik Reporting or Telerik Report Server today and share your thoughts in our Feedback Portal, or right in the comments below.

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