With the number of the themes in our suite constantly increasing (two more are coming in Q1 2011) it will surely take some time to review all of them for the different controls. This may sound like a simple problem, however the plot thickens when you are creating a new theme and you would like to know whether your forms look properly with your custom theme, and whether you are not missing an unstyled element here and there.

As a result, in Q1 2011 we will introduce a new tool that solve these issues for you, and will save you time in developing a custom form just to review your theme.

Meet the RadControls for WinForms Theme Viewer:


By using the Theme Viewer you will have the ability to review all themes that ship with Telerik RadControls for WinForms for all the controls in the suite, and gain a visual perception of what your application will look like even before starting its development. And if you decide to create your custom theme, you can easily load it into the Theme Viewer and check how it will look in all possible states and usages.


Theme Viewer with ControlDefalut theme


Theme Viewer with Office2010 Black Theme

Another added value that this tool will bring you is that your designers’ life will also get easier (we know this because we used the tool to create the two new Office 2010 themes in Q1 Smile). The designers can follow the progress of the theme development, and give feedback right away. They can easily spot problems and decide whether something should be changed in order to satisfy the application requirements.


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