James Bender and I thank you for attending our session on Responsive Web Design during the Telerik DevCraft Virtual Conference.  We had a great time putting together the session to demonstrate how Telerik is solving the responsive web challenge with Telerik UI suites for ASP.NET AJAX and ASP.NET MVC.  If you missed it, we have a recording available on-demand at: http://www.telerik.com/devcraft-release-online-conference until March 20, 2014 and then they will be on the Telerik YouTube Channel.  During the session, we received a number of questions and we have put together this blog post to answer the best questions for you.

Questions:Wow.. look at all of those questions!

Q:  How do you choose between ASP.NET Web Forms with AJAX and ASP.NET MVC?
   Depends on your needs.  AJAX is very productivity focused, MVC is very hands-on with full control of all markup transmitted to the browser.  Why not choose both?  Check our whitepaper on One ASP.NET to learn more about how you can use these frameworks together.  Telerik supports all strategies that you may use to build a website with ASP.NET

Q:  How does Telerik use the Telerik controls to build www.telerik.com?
A:  Our website is built with our Sitefinity content-management system

What is the best choice for minimum code changes between desktop mobile and web?
A:  With a responsive web design approach, you won’t need to make changes between browser types.  Your site will simply adapt to the device and browser.

Q:  When will the RadPageLayout control be available?
A:  RadPageLayout is already available as a Beta with the Q1 2014 release.  See how the framework behaves in our sample responsive web app.

Q:  If I’m embracing KendoUI in a .NET MVC application. Is RadPageLayout irrelevant to me? If so, any equivalent in the works for me?
A:  In MVC it may make more sense to run with Bootstrap.  KendoUI is fully responsive, and our Burke Holland put together a blog post showing how to use KendoUI with Bootstrap that you can reference.

Q:  How about a responsive grid which hides more and more columns leaving only the most important ones when shrinking the available screen size?
A:  That’s a great idea, we already have plans to improve the responsive capabilities of more of our controls in our Q2 release.  Why not add an entry to our feedback portal with more details?

Q:  Approximately, when is the Q2 release scheduled?
A:  Our next scheduled release is targeting a late June release date.  Stay tuned to our blogs and mailing lists for more information, as we have a service pack and something special planned before that June date.

Q:  Since the field sizes have shrunk responsively what is the user's experience when typing into the field? Does the field expand temporarily to show all the text they have entered or what? The idea of smart minification to reduce traffic just mentioned sounds terrific too.
A:  The field will pan to show the new data.  Thanks for the compliment , we have the only server-side responsive web framework on the market today.

Q:  How does Razor compare to C#?
A:  Razor is the formatting language that you use in MVC to define your user interface. It has some similarities with C# and leverages traditional ASP and ASP.NET syntax to help you define your webpage.

Q:  What about an elastic version of RadToolBar?
A:  We are going to be adding that in a coming release.  All of the controls are going to receive modern mobile and responsive makeovers.

Q:  Has anyone done integration testing with the Telerik controls?
A:  Our Telerik Test Studio provides a great environment to test your web apps.  We have documentation and a video on our site, specifically about how to use Test Studio with our ASP.Net controls.

Q:  What goes on with responsive RadTabStrip on complicated forms?  I need those often.  I may have missed that though...
A:  RadTabStrip is not on the responsive list of controls yet.  I’d like to hear your feedback about how it should respond to smaller browsers.  Let’s start a discussion on the Feedback Portal.

Q:  Do you have any video editing controls?
A:  We do not have a video editor but we do have image editor and video playback controls.

Q:  Is your paging virtualized?
A:  Paging virtualization is not supported in KendoUI. Client side and server side paging are completely supported.  With the UI controls for ASP.NET, the RadGrid fully supports virtualization.

... and our favorite question of the session:

One of Jeff's Fluffy Playful Cats

Q:  Why did you remove those innocent playful kittens? 

A:  We did not remove them... the playful kittens ran off somewhere else to go play.  No kittens were harmed in the production of this conference.  Telerik is a kitten friendly organization.


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Cat photo is courtesy of Jeffrey T. Fritz

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